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Year, Cycle: 2017
Ciclo : XXXIII
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Elisa Bernard AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Emanuele Pellegrini Museums as Living Organisms. A Historical Perspective on Change and Continuity in Museum Institutions
Chiara Battaglini CCSN Pietro Pietrini, Giovanna Marotta Beyond dichotomy: Exploring the Intersection of Semantic and Sensory Information in Abstract and Concrete Words Formation and Representation. Insights from Superordinate words.
Chiara Ianeselli AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Paolo Campiglio The Untitled title in the XX Century Art: Revolutionary Aspects and Implications
Surya Soman CSSE Alberto Bemporad, Mario Zanon Learning-based Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Driving
Dimitrios Exadaktylos ENBA Massimo Riccaboni, Armando Rungi Essays on Firms’ Competitiveness
Adrian Ioan Onicaș CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi, Luca Cecchetti, Tommaso Gili Applications of Network Science in Neuroimaging
Nicolina Lidia Bruno CCSN Pietro Pietrini Exploring the Relationship Between Electroconvulsive Therapy and Reward Processing in Major Depressive Disorder
Maria Rosaria Marulli CSSE Marco Paggi, José Reinoso New methods to assess the performance of structural joints with microstructures
Sara Belluccini CSSE Rocco De Nicola, Francesco Tiezzi Exploiting Process Algebras and BPM Techniques for Guaranteeing Success of Distributed Activities
Cemal Koba CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi A multi-site image-based data sharing initiative to assess structural brain changes in large cohorts of early and late blind individuals
Beyza Uzun AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Amos Bertolacci Between the Transnational and the Local: Assessing the Changing Profile of the Islamic Art Collections in Museums in Türkiye
Alessandra Enrica Chiara Federici CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi, Davide Bottari Neural plasticity induced by different degrees of perturbation in auditory and visual sensory systems
Niraj Rathod CSSE Alberto Bemporad, Mario Zanon, Michele Focchi Model Predictive Control for Legged Robots
Tatiana Celadin ENBA Ennio Bilancini Essays on Cognition and Cooperation
Sampath Kumar Mulagaleti CSSE Alberto Bemporad, Mario Zanon Invariant Set-based Methods for the Computation of Input and Disturbance Sets
Silvio La Paglia AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni Memorabilia Pompeiana (1748-1830). Antiquities from Pompeii in the European collections
Gabriele Valvano CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi, Sotirios Tsaftaris, Andrea Leo Semi-supervised and Weakly-supervised Learning with Spatio-temporal Priors in Medical Image Segmentation
Giulio Garbi CSSE Mirco Tribastone, Emilio Incerto Automatic and Accurate Performance Prediction in Distributed Systems
Zorica Savanović CSSE Letterio Galletta, Rocco De Nicola Type discipline for message-passing components in distributed systems
Francesca Coccolo AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini The power of victory. Italy, Austria and the struggle for treasures of art and history after the First World War(1918-1923)
Annalisa Napolitano CSSE Mirco Tribastone, Emilio Incerto Automated Learning of Quantitative Software Models from System Traces
Martina Berto CCSN Davide Bottari Neural signatures of auditory statistics: a window into auditory computations and their interactions with other modalities
Alice Labor AMCH Andrea Averardi The promotion of contemporary art in Italy. An institutional perspective
Maria Giusti AMCH Lorenzo Casini The State as a promoter of cinema in Italy and France
Matteo Serafino ENBA Tommaso Gili, Guido Caldarelli, Giulio Cimini The Complexity of Heterogeneity in Real-World Networks
Francesco Del Prato ENBA Kenan Huremovic, Paolo Zacchia, Mattia Nardotto Essays on the Economics of Labor Markets and Retirement Policies
Federico Nutarelli ENBA Massimo Riccaboni, Giorgio Stefano Gnecco At the intersection between Machine Learning and Econometrics: theory and applications
Jacopo Bonari CSSE Marco Paggi, Alexander Popp Novel Interface Discretisation Methods for Contact Mechanics
Marta Lancione CCSN Luca Cecchetti, Mauro Costagli Structural and functional neuroimaging using Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping and ultra-high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mirko Hu CSSE Guido Caldarelli, Tommaso Gili Network analysis of a complex disease: the gut microbiota in the inflammatory bowel disease case
Francesca Simonelli CCSN Pietro Pietrini The organization of action representation and the interaction between the action and perception systems
Samuel Asuquo Edet ENBA Massimo Riccaboni Essays on Innovation Networks and Global Cities
Edward John Oakes AMCH Lorenzo Casini, Andrea Averardi Legislative and Policy Responses to the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property in the European Union. An historical inquiry into the legal means and methods employed by the EU and its northern Member states to protect cultural property from illicit traf
Matteo Bruno CSSE Guido Caldarelli, Fabio Saracco Maximum entropy methods for the statistical analysis of bipartite networks: fast computation and applications
Emiliano Marchese ENBA Guido Caldarelli, Tiziano Squartini Optimizing Complex Networks Models
Year, Cycle: 2016
Ciclo : XXXII
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Giacomo Handjaras CCSN Pietro Pietrini, Emiliano Ricciardi Multivariate analyses of neural patterns in the human brain
Paolo Papale CCSN Pietro Pietrini Modeling object representations in natural vision
Sara Landi EMDS Massimo Riccaboni Public Policy in Italy: an empirical analysis on local governments and occupation
Nicolò Vallarano EMDS Guido Caldarelli, Tiziano Squartini The Bitcoin Transaction Networks
Laura Ferrarotti CSSE Alberto Bemporad Learning optimal control policies from data: a partially model-based actor-only approach
Jens Seeber CSSE Rocco De Nicola, Filippo Bonchi, Pawel Sobocinski Logical Completeness for String Diagrams
Marco Brunetti AMCH Riccardo Olivito, Marzia Faietti, Eric Moormann A vocabulary of the Antique. An archaeological reconstruction and the reception of the Volta Dorata of the Domus Aurea of Nero
Isabel Cristina Pérez Verona CSSE Mirco Tribastone Approaches for the exact reduction of large-scale biochemical models
Giada Lettieri CCSN Pietro Pietrini, Luca Cecchetti Brain topography, connectivity dynamics and coding mechanisms underlying the subjective experience of affective states
Ilaria Zampieri CCSN Pietro Pietrini The troubled relationship between neuroscience and criminal responsibility: an overview and case study
Agnese Ghezzi AMCH Linda Bertelli, Kelley Wilder The handbook, the field, and the archive: photographic practices and the rise of anthropology in Italy (1861-1911)
Francesca Setti CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi, Giacomo Handjaras Naturalistic stimulation in sensory-deprived individuals reveals overlapping large-scale brain organization with differential cross-modal mechanisms
Duygu Buyukyazici EMDS Francesco Serti Essays in Applied Economics
Anna Pirri Valentini AMCH Lorenzo Casini CONTROLS ON THE EXPORT OF CULTURAL PROPERTY. Historical and contemporary regulatory frameworks in Italy, France and England
Alice Martinelli CCSN Davide Bottari, Emiliano Ricciardi Functional interactions between Auditory and Visual systems in the human brain
Felicia Caponigri AMCH Lorenzo Casini Fashion design objects as cultural property in Italy and in the United States
Teresa Guillén Hernández CSSE Marco Paggi, José Reinoso Computational Fracture Mechanics for Reliability of Composites at the Micro and Macro Scales
Stella Simic CSSE Mirco Tribastone, Omar Inverso Bit-precise Verification of Numerical Properties in Fixed-point Programs
Pietro Saggese EMDS Angelo Facchini, Nicola Dimitri Arbitrage in the Bitcoin ecosystem: an investigation of the Mt. Gox exchange platform
Giulia Avvenuti CCSN Giulio Bernardi, Pietro Pietrini The local regulation of human sleep: anatomo-functional bases and implications for behavior
Anđelko Mihanović AMCH Ana Peraica Make Rome Great Again! Presenting the Murder of Julius Caesar in the Time of Facebook
Matteo Caruso EMDS Alessandro Belmonte, Rein Taagepera On Logical Quantitative Methods in Politics
Hakan Tarhan AMCH Yeşim Tonga Uriarte, Dimitris Plantzos Public Perceptions of ‘the Other’s’ Heritage: Ottoman Heritage in Greece and Byzantine Heritage in Turkey
Dana Salpina AMCH Lorenzo Casini Cultural Dimension of Agricultural Landscape: The Study on Protection, Management, and Governance of the Multifunctional Heritage
Falco Joannes Bargagli Stoffi EMDS Massimo Riccaboni, Kristof De Witte Essays on Applied Machine Learning
Jan Niederreiter EMDS Massimo Riccaboni Essays on Contest Experiments and Supervised Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Nicola Dardano CSSE Marco Paggi, Paolo Valvo, Stefano Bennati Delamination of thin layers promoted by local buckling
Laura Sophie Imperatori CCSN Emiliano Ricciardi, Giulio Bernardi Investigation of Physiological and Pathological Conditions Using Electroencephalographic Connectivity Metrics
Costanza Tortú EMDS Fabrizia Mealli, Irene Crimaldi, Laura Forastiere Essays on Causal Inference and Complex Networks
Abhishek Samantray EMDS Massimo Riccaboni Collective Behaviour in Digital Societies
Evgenia Bednaya CCSN Davide Bottari, Emiliano Ricciardi Neurophysiological assessments of low-level and high-level interdependencies between auditory and visual systems in the human brain
Year, Cycle: 2013
Ciclo : XXIX
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Francesco Biancalani CDSS Massimo Riccaboni Innovation and Productivity of Italian Firms: Evidence and Policy
Lisa Bald POLHIST Eckart Conze, Hagen Schulz-Forberg "Pubblica Sicurezza" in the European context - Italy and the internationalisation of counterterrorism policy (1972-1982)
Andrea Virga POLHIST Domenico Maria Bruni, Katia Figueredo Cabrera Fascism and Nationalism in Cuba A Case Study on the Global Projection of an European Ideology
Yehia Moustafa Abd Alrahman CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Michele Loreti A Foundational Theory for Attribute-based Communication
Francesco Angelini ECON Massimo Riccaboni, Andrea Vindigni, Davide Ticchi Essays on Economics of the Arts
Davide Donofrio ECON Armando Rungi Essays on Empirical International Economics
Sergio Miracola POLHIST Domenico Maria Bruni, Antonio Fiori Chinese Strategic Culture: The Origin, Organization, Operationalization and Evolution of People’s War Doctrine
Giada Cerri MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Giacomo Pirazzoli Towards Museum-Like Sites: The Cases of Florence, Rio de Janeiro and New York
Chiara Iorino MDCH Linda Bertelli, Lara Conte Maria, Medea e le altre: I volti ambivalenti della madre. Feminist re-articulations of the representation of maternity in the 20th century Italy
Michele Borassi CDSS Pierluigi Crescenzi Algorithms for Metric Properties of Large Real-World Networks
Michela Del Vicario CDSS Guido Caldarelli, Walter Quattrociocchi The Role of Confirmation Bias in the Emergence of Echo Chambers: A Data-Driven Approach
Mauro Coletto CDSS Claudio Lucchese, Rocco De Nicola Analysis of Polarized Communities in Online Social Networks
Leonardo Ridolfi ECON Alessandro Nuvolari, Andrea Vindigni The French economy in the longue durée. A study on real wages, working days and economic performance from Louis IX to the Revolution (1250-1789)
Michele Mioni POLHIST Domenico Maria Bruni, Rolf Petri, Henry Rousso Towards a new “Social Pact”: World War II and Social Policy in Great Britain, Italy and Vichy France
Enika Bushi POLHIST Augusto Sinagra The EU - No heaven: A Savior from Hell? Case study of Albania on its path to Europeanization
Van Tien Hoang CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Marinella Petrocchi Measuring Web Service Personalization
Andreea Andrei MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Linda Bertelli Images as Sites of Subversion: the Passion of Christ in the Orthodox ecclesiastical art of Transylvania (eighteenth-nineteenth centuries)
Pietro Lenarda CDSS Marco Paggi Modeling and Simulation of a Class of Nonlinear Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Problems for Green Applications
Lorenzo Morelli POLHIST Giovanni Orsina Elémire Zolla: in defense of Tradition against the civitas diaboli
Manuela Ritondale MDCH Roberto Scopigno, Maria Luisa Catoni, Martijn van Leusen Shipwrecking Probability in Mediterranean Territorial Waters. A Cultural Approach to Archaeological Predictive Modelling
Benedetta Frassi ECON Fabio Pammolli, Armando Rungi Three Essays on Pension Systems and Fiscal Sustainability
Laura Gianfagna ECON Irene Crimaldi, Armando Rungi Four Essays on Hidden Risks into the Global Financial Architecture
Emi Ferra ECON Alessandro Belmonte Essays on Empirical Economics
Fabiana Zollo CDSS Walter Quattrociocchi, Guido Caldarelli Emotional Contagion and Group Polarization: Experimental Evidence on Facebook
Andreas Themelis CDSS Alberto Bemporad, Panagiotis Patrinos Proximal Algorithms for Structured Nonconvex Optimization
Ilaria Taddeo MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Silvia Ginzburg The Guidiccioni Family between Lucca and Rome: Artistic Patronage and Cultural Production 1530-1550ca
George Davidescu CDSS Guido Caldarelli The Capacitated Spanning Forest Problem
Ilkay Oksuz CDSS Sotirios Tsaftaris, Emiliano Ricciardi Joint Registration and Segmentation of CP-BOLD MRI
Ciclo : XXVIII
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Daniele Duranti MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Roberto Scopigno, Raffaella Trocchianesi Tangible Interaction in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites: Towards a Conceptual and Design Framework
Marta Teruzzi MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Simona Moretti Byzantium and Florentia. Byzantine art in Florence from the 13th to the 18th century
Andrea Morichetta CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Francesco Tiezzi A Formal Approach to Decision Support on Mobile Cloud Computing Applications
Ünal Seven ECON Massimo Riccaboni, Ceyhun Elgin, Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato The Role of Finance in Economic Development, Income Inequality and Poverty Reduction
Francesca Pajno MDCH he perception of ancient monuments in an urban context: the case of the Imperial Fora in Rome
Gabriele Pompa CDSS Fabio Pammolli, Roberto Renò Deterministic Shift Extension of Affine Models for Variance Derivatives
Rita Morisi CDSS Giorgio Stefano Gnecco Graph–based techniques and spectral graph theory in control and machine learning
Carlo Dal Maso ECON Davide Ticchi Essays in Applied Econometrics
Giovanni Agostinis POLHIST Carlos Closa Montero, Olivier Dabène Constructing Regionalism from Sectoral Cooperation A comparative analysis of the emergence, outcomes, and effects of South American health and defence cooperation within UNASUR
Alessio Sacchi POLHIST Adrienne Héritier Europe in Hard Times: Driving Institutional Change during the Eurozone Crisis
Daniela Silvestri CDSS Massimo Riccaboni Searching in the Dark: Exploring the Technological Search Process during the Business Cycle and in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Federico Giona POLHIST Giovanni Orsina, Hagen Schulz-Forberg Think Tanks and International Affairs during the Interwar Period: Ispi (Institute for Studies in International Politics) between foreign policy and public opinion (1919-1943)
Samuele Dominioni POLHIST Lucia Bonfreschi, Leonardo Morlino The International Dimensions of Electoral Frauds and Electoral Malpractices. The South Caucasus
Davide Boschetto CDSS Enrico Grisan Quantitative Methods for Computer Aided Decision Support Systems in Confocal LASER Endomicroscopy Imaging of the GastroIntestinal Tract
Laura Demeter MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini Picking up the Pieces from the Communist Past: Transitional Heritage after 1989 in Germany and Romania
Andrea Flori ECON Fabio Pammolli, Irene Crimaldi Three Essays on Systemic Risk and Financial Stability
Luca Trapin ECON Massimo Riccaboni, Marco Bee Essays on Extreme Value Theory in Economics and Finance
Roberta Lanciani CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Luca Bortolussi Stochastic Approximations in Model Checking: A New Scalable Approach to Collective Systems Verification
Giuseppe Pappalardo CDSS Guido Caldarelli The Financial Value of Data
Silvia Giordano MDCH Paola Dubini, Alberto Monti Internationalization practices applied to the management of opera houses: empirical evidences from Italy and China
Riccardo Mario Cucciolla POLHIST Giovanni Orsina, Alexey Barabashev The Crisis of Soviet Power in Central Asia: The 'Uzbek cotton affair' (1975-1991)
Marina Andric CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Alberto Lluch Lafuente Programming Abstractions for Data Sharing in Distributed Spaces
Laurence Sean Connell POLHIST Antonio Masala, Daniel K. Williams Towards a Political-Cultural Explanation of the "Christian Right": Bellevue Baptist Church and the Republicanisation of American Evangelicalism
Duccio Gamannossi Degl'innocenti ECON Matthew Rablen, Andrea Vindigni Essays on Tax Collection and Local Government Efficiency”
Lorenzo Stella CDSS Panagiotis Patrinos, Alberto Bemporad Proximal envelopes: Smooth optimization algorithms for nonsmooth problems
Ajay Kumar Sampathirao CDSS Alberto Bemporad, Pantelis Sopasakis Parallel methods for solving stochastic optimal control problems: control of drinking water networks
Laura Nenzi CDSS Rocco De Nicola, Luca Bortolussi A Logic-Based Approach to Specify and Design Spatio-Temporal Behaviours of Complex Systems
Year, Cycle: 2019
Ciclo : XXXV
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Luigi Longo ENBA Advances in macroeconometrics: (interpretable) machine learning and high-frequency data for forecasting and structural analysis
Veronica Pizziol ENBA
Year, Cycle: 2018
Ciclo : XXXIV
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Daniele Masti CSSE Alberto Bemporad Machine learning methods for control, identification, and estimation
Ilaria Gianstefani ENBA Roberto Renò, Irene Crimaldi Essays on financial stability: old and new risk sources
Ivan Mercanti CSSE Rocco De Nicola, Stefano Bistarelli Models and analysis for the Bitcoin ecosystem
Valentina Pieroni ENBA Nicola Lattanzi, Guido Caldarelli Empirical insights into strategic competition, productivity and resilience of the Italian entrepreneurial system
Zainab Ali AlWaisi CSSE Rocco De Nicola, Simone Soderi Optimized Monitoring and Detection of Internet of Things resources-constraints Cyber Attacks
Deison Teixeira Préve CSSE Marco Paggi Thermoelastic and Fracture Responses of Periodic Materials: Theory and Applications to Laminates and Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces
Pavan Kumar Asur Vijaya Kumar CSSE Marco Paggi Cohesive and Variational Methods for Fracture Mechanics in Statics and Fatigue
Liang Wu CSSE Alberto Bemporad Coordinate-Descent Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Interpretative and Adaptive Model Predictive Control
Valentina Elce CCSN
Francesca Leonardi AMCH Paola Dubini, Linda Bertelli, Elena Raviola On dissonance and fascist heritage in Italy. An analysis on the reuse of ex-Case del Fascio in three provinces
Sedric Zucchiatti ENBA Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo Boncinelli Essays on the Evolution of Prosocial Behaviors
Clizia Franceschini AMCH Lorenzo Casini, Andrea Averardi Religious Cultural Heritage and Political Contestation: the Role of UNESCO The Cases of the Old City of Hebron, the Four Medieval Monuments in Kosovo and Metohija and the Temple of Preah Vihear
Year, Cycle: 2015
Ciclo : XXXI
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Jeroen Allard van Lidth de Jeude EMDS Guido Caldarelli, Tiziano Squartini Analysing Mesoscale Structures in Economic and Financial Networks
Giovanni Bonaccorsi EMDS Massimo Riccaboni, Giorgio Fagiolo Three essays on the applications of multiplex networks in economics
Selene Perazzini EMDS Giorgio Stefano Gnecco, Fabio Pammolli, Irene Crimaldi Public-Private Insurance for the Management of Natural Disasters
Helena Kreuter EMDS Massimo Riccaboni, Guglielmo Barone, Dirk Czarnitzki The Politics of Globalization
Luca Verginer EMDS Massimo Riccaboni, Frank Schweitzer The Mobility of Scientists and Inventors: Patterns and Determinants
Rosaria Del Toro CSSE Marco Paggi, Andrea Bacigalupo Dynamic homogenization of composite viscoelastic materials
Elena Pontelli AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Maurizio Harari Landscapes Before the Landscape in Ancient Etruscan Art
Pakhee Kumar AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Raffaele Perego Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future: Cases and Tools for Cultural Heritage during Disasters
Valeria Volpe AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Carlo Tosco The Cerbalus project: Landscape Archaeology in the Cervaro river valley
Marta Equi Pierazzini AMCH Linda Bertelli, Elena Raviola A Legacy Without a Will. Feminist Organising as a Transformative Practice
Giacomo Rapisardi CSSE Guido Caldarelli, Giulio Cimini Critical Phenomena in Multilayer Networks
Ginevra Addis AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Eva Ehninger The re-identification of pop art: its reception from an Italian perspective
Silvia Massa AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Laura Aldovini The musealisation of prints and drawings and the birth of Gabinetti disegni e stampe in Italian State museums (1860-1909)
Tabea Waizmann CSSE Mirco Tribastone The Effect of Compression and Expansion on Stochastic Reaction Networks
Domagoj Herceg CSSE Alberto Bemporad, Pantelis Sopasakis Stochastic Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear and Uncertain Systems
Nilay Saraf CSSE Alberto Bemporad, Daniele Bernardini Bounded-Variable Least-Squares Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Carla Ardis AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Arianna Traviglia, Riccardo Olivito Ancient Roman coarse ware in the Regio X and beyond. An archaeological approach to distribution and trade
Doriana Medic CSSE Rocco De Nicola Relative expressiveness of calculi for reversible concurrency
George-Adrian Iordachescu AMCH Linda Bertelli, Bram Büscher Wilderness Production in the Romanian Carpathians: Towards a synthesized critique of neoliberal conservation and its impact on forest livelihoods
Stefano Tognazzi CSSE Mirco Tribastone, Andrea Vandin, Max Tschaikowski Equivalences in differential and algebraic systems: theoretical and practical aspects
Carolina Becatti EMDS Irene Crimaldi, Guido Caldarelli, Fabio Saracco Essays on statistical methods for the analysis of social networks
Federica Parisi EMDS Guido Caldarelli, Tiziano Squartini Entropy-based methods to tackle missing information in complex networks
Yelena Kovalyova AMCH Lorenzo Casini, Andrea Averardi Protection of Cultural Rights of National Minorities: Critical Analysis of the Council of Europe Legal Framework under the Capabilities Approach
Year, Cycle: 2014
Ciclo : XXX
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Manas Dilip Mejari SYS Alberto Bemporad, Dario Piga Towards automated data-driven modeling of linear parameter-varying systems
Olena Kulynych MS Massimo Riccaboni, Armando Rungi Essays on Investment Patterns in Ukraine
Armando Di Lillo ECON Alessandro Belmonte Essays in Applied Economics, Migration, and Conflict
Hanin Issa Hannouch AMCH Linda Bertelli, Alessia Cervini Art History as Janus: Sergei Eisenstein on the Visual Arts
Gemma Torre AMCH Lorenzo Casini, Maria Guercio Management of Government Archives in Italy
Vihangkumar Vinaykumar Naik SYS Alberto Bemporad Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming Algorithms for Embedded Control and Estimation
Giovanna D'Inverno ECON Alessandro Belmonte, Laura Carosi Sub-national Service Provision and Public Spending Analysis
Puya Latafat SYS Panagiotis Patrinos Distributed Proximal Algorithms for Large-Scale Structured Optimization
Xu Wang MS Massimo Riccaboni Essays on Inter-firm Ownership Network and Social Media Marketing
Loredana Fattorini ECON Armando Rungi Production networks, firm productivity and geography
Maria Venianaki IA Ovidio Salvetti, Konstantinos Marias Cancer tissue classification from DCE-MRI data using pattern recognition techniques
Maria Emanuela Oddo AMCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Maurizio Harari Measuring time Histories of chronology building in archaeology
Alessandro Maggi CS Rocco De Nicola, Joseph Sifakis The DReAM framework: a logic-inspired approach to reconfigurable system modeling
Ana Lucía Schmidt CN Walter Quattrociocchi A Quantitative Analysis of News Consumption on Facebook
Yuan GAO MS Massimo Riccaboni, Zhen Zhu, Raja Kali Network Analysis of International Patent Data: Technology Cohort, Temporal Dynamics and the Role of Trade
Soumali Roychowdhury CS Michelangelo Diligenti Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning in Vision using Deep Neural Networks
Paolo Cinat CM Marco Paggi Surface roughness genomics in contact mechanics A new method enabling roughness design towards surface prototyping
Luca Mantegazza ECON Alessandro Belmonte Human Capital and Collective Political Events
Mario Valerio Giuffrida IA Sotirios Tsaftaris, Emiliano Ricciardi Learning to count leaves of plants
Anita Mariana Bunea MS Massimo Riccaboni, Pietro Angelo Manfredo Frances Manfredi, Pompeo Della Posta Worldwide diffusion of solar photovoltaic panels and the role of state incentive: perspectives based on diffusion models
Vincenzo Scoca CS Rocco De Nicola, Rafael Brundo Uriarte Improving Service Quality in Cloud Computing: from Definition to Deployment
Dania Marzo AMCH Linda Bertelli, Oliver Ibert Events and temporary uses in the historic urban landscape: Lucca Comics & Games between localized interactions and a worlding project ecology.
Daria Gradusova AMCH Emanuele Pellegrini Immersive exhibitions in the beginning of the 21st century: Understanding theory and practice
Vitaly Buravlev CS Rocco De Nicola, Claudio Antares Mezzina Improving the Efficiency of Tuple Spaces
Year, Cycle: 2012
Ciclo : XXVII
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Iulian Romanyshyn IPP Domenico Maria Bruni, Raffaele Marchetti The European Union: An Effective Actor in Multilateral Arms Negotiations?
Monika Kokstaite IPP Leonardo Morlino, Domenico Maria Bruni Essays on Economic Security and the European Union: Theory, Origins, Development and Performance
Tiziano Distefano EMI Massimo Riccaboni, Giovanni Marin Essays in Ecological Economics
Iole Pina Fontana IPP Maria Elena Cavallaro, Stefania Panebianco The implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Tunisia and Morocco: when domestic actors make a difference
Sahizer Samuk IPP Maria Elena Cavallaro, Andrew Peter Geddes, Michael Collyer Temporary Migration and Temporary Integration: Canada and the UK in A Comparative Perspective
Rafael Brundo Uriarte CSE Rocco De Nicola Supporting Autonomic Management of Clouds: Service-Level-Agreement, Cloud Monitoring and Similarity Learning
Tiziano Antognozzi MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Wendy Griswold FINE BUT LIBERAL: THE ROMAN REVOLUTION AND THE ART SCENE OF ROME (1846-1849)
Diletta Storace MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Wendy Griswold An Organizational Model for Contemporary Art. Art democratization and sustainability in the post global age
Bailey Ashton Adie MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Michael Hall Visitor Understanding of the UNESCO World Heritage Brand: A Comparative Analysis
Niccolò Fiorini EMI Nicola Dimitri Essays on Labelling and Retail in the Food Market
Daria Brasca MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Lorenzo Casini The Fate of Jewish-Owned Cultural Property: Florence during WWII
Michele Stawowy CSE Diego Calvanese, Rocco De Nicola Plan Synthesis in Explicit-Input Knowledge and Action Bases
Anastasia Felcher MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini, Sofia Dyak Beyond the Trauma: New Perspectives for Preservation, Management and Museum Representation of Jewish Cultural Heritage in post-Soviet Cities
Mohammed Abdelsamea CSE Giorgio Stefano Gnecco, Mohamed Gaber Regional Active Contours based on Variational level sets and Machine Learning for Image Segmentation
Antonio Puggioni IPP Maria Chiara Malaguti Access to Justice and Sustainable Development: the National Green Tribunal of India
Caterina De Vivo MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni, Wendy Griswold Revealing the Invisible: a comparative analysis of the underwater heritage management in the Mediterranean context
Alberto Guiggiani CSE Panagiotis Patrinos, Ilya Vladimir Kolmanovsky Embedded Model Predictive Control: Finite Precision Arithmetic and Aerospace Applications
Omar Doria EMI Fabio Pammolli Essays on the Use of Big Data in Development Economics
Rodrigo Lopez Farias CSE Alberto Bemporad, Pantelis Sopasakis Time Series Forecasting Based on Classification of Dynamic Patterns
Nicola De Vivo EMI Guido Caldarelli, Marco Modica Essays on Urban and Environmental Economics
Year, Cycle: 2011
Ciclo : XXVI
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Bassma Abou El Fadl MDCH Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem A Performative Space: Socio-Spatial Practices in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011
Gabriele Ranco EMI Guido Caldarelli Predictive power of web Big Data in Financial Economics
Giovanni Accongiagioco CSE Enrico Gregori, Luciano Lenzini Modeling and Analysis of the Internet Topology
Nabil Shokri PSIC Leonardo Morlino Arab Spring: an attempt of conceptualization and some empirical tests
Konstantinos Karatzias MDCH Lorenzo Casini, Katja Lindqvist Audience Development in Public Cultural Centers: A Qualitative Study in Sweden and Denmark
Francesca Pampaloni CSE Michele Boreale Quantitative Models of Information Flow: Tuning the Power of the Adversary
Maria Gesualdo EMI Alessandro Petretto Building and Running a Computable General Equilibrium Tax Model of Italy
Luca Sani CSE Luciano Lenzini, Enrico Gregori An Analysis of the Completeness of the Internet AS-level Topology Discovered by Route Collectors
Marta Chiara Nicosia MDCH Linda Bertelli L'Art de la Reverie. Female Daydreams in Nineteenth Century Painting
Paula Jimena Matiz López MDCH Andrea Giuseppe Zocchi Integrated Risk Assessment for Cultural Heritage Sites: a holistic support tool for decision-making
Benedetto Zaccaria PSIC Antonio Varsori For the Sake of Yugoslavia. The EEC’s Yugoslav Policy in Cold War Europe, 1968-1980
Giulia Ghiani EMI Max Gillman Monetary policy and financial markets: regime switches in US short-term interest rates and stock prices. A Markov-switching VAR approach
Paola Varotto PSIC Maria Elena Cavallaro, Antonio Varsori A MAIN GERMAN QUESTION The Evolution of the FRG ' s Multilateral Policy of Detente in a Decade of Major Crises and Changes, 1975-1985
Yeşim Tonga Uriarte MDCH Stefano Baia Curioni The State and the Arts: The Theatre Scene in Turkey
Paolo Sgrignoli EMI Massimo Riccaboni The World Trade Web: A Multiple-Network Perspective
Michela Paolini CSE Michele Boreale Information-Theoretic Models of Confidentiality and Privacy
Olga Chiappinelli EMI Nicola Dimitri Interdisciplinary Essays on Public Procurement
Magdalena Jarosik MDCH Lorenzo Casini, Maria Luisa Catoni Implications of Legal Protection and Quality Management of the Traditional Regional Food Heritage in the EU The Case of a PDO Oscypek Cheese from Southern Poland
Samuel Morrison Gallacher MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini Gift Exchange at the Court of Cosimo I de' Medici (1537-1574)
Maria Romaniello PSIC Antonio Masala, Nicola Lupo Upper Chambers in EU Parliamentary Democracies
Stefano Sebastio CSE Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Michele Amoretti Enriching Volunteer Clouds with Self-* Capabilities
Riccardo Di Clemente EMI Luciano Pietronero Essays on Economic and Social Complexity, 1968-1980
Massimo Minervini CSE Sotirios Tsaftaris Application-aware image compression and sensing platform for plant phenotyping
Alessandro Belmonte EMI Andrea Vindigni Essays on Political Economy
Lorenzo Ferrari PSIC Mark Gilbert, Giovanni Orsina Speaking with a Single Voice. The Assertion of the EC as a Distinctive International Actor, 1969-79
Year, Cycle: 2010
Ciclo : XXV
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Marco Frigerio EMI Fabrizio Coricelli Essays on Creditless Recoveries
Ahmed Shams MDCH Lorenzo Casini Human Occupation Development in the High Mountains of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt With Alpine and Himalayan Reflections in the Light of Rural-Urban Development Socio-economy, Semi-Arid Watershed Management Socio-ecology and Land Use Policy Governance
Alessandro Celestini CSE Francesco Tiezzi, Rocco De Nicola, Michele Boreale On the Analysis and Evaluation of Trust and Reputation Systems
Dmytro Karamshuk CSE Marco Conti, Luciano Lenzini Modeling and Understanding the Role of Human Mobility in the Cyber-Physical World
Stefania Aimar MDCH Emanuele Pellegrini Coral Gables: A contemporary Urban Utopia
Ana Stojanova PSIC Leonardo Morlino Elite- or mass-driven democratic consolidation? Western Balkans in comparative perspective
Svetlana Smirnova MDCH Maria Luisa Catoni Managing the UNESCO World Heritage Serial Property in Russia
Cinzia Carmosino MDCH Lorenzo Casini "One, No one and One Hundred Thousand". The legal notion(s) of cultural property
Lorenzo Cicchi PSIC Luciano Bardi The Logic of Voting Behaviour in the European Parliament: New Insights on Party Group Membership and National Affiliation as Determinants of Vote
Mine Kolukirik PSIC Giovan Francesco Lanzara Learning to Change: The Organizational Learning Dimension of UN Reform
Nicola Catenacci Volpi CSE Paolo Ciancarini, Giovanni Pezzulo The Modularity of Attention from an Artificial Intelligence perspective
Andrea Vandin CSE Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Fabio Gadducci Specification and Analysis of Systems with Dynamic Structure
Dario Gianluigi De Maio EMI Nicola Dimitri Essays on Applied Energy Economics: Design and Regulation of the Markets for Electricity and Natural Gas
Yari Fatighenti EMI Nicola Dimitri Alternative characterizations of Nash equilibrium
Evinc Dogan MDCH Stefano Baia Curioni, Ibrahim Sirkeci Analysing the Impact of a Mega-Event on City Image by Visual Methodologies: Branding Istanbul during the European Capital of Culture 2010
Chiara Tarantino MDCH Stefano Baia Curioni, Fulvia Donati The Museum Heritage of Italian Universities: Current Situation and Improvement Opportunities
Tihana Puc MDCH Stefano Baia Curioni The (In)visible Artists - Contemporary Artists from Croatia in the post-1989 "Globalized" Contemporary Art Field
Irina Mirkina PSIC Andreas Bergh The Interplay between Bureaucracy and Globalization
Maria Chiara Cavalleri EMI Alessandro Petretto Essays on the Portability of Pension Rights and Distortions in Labour Mobility Choices
Diego Pennacchioli CSE Dino Pedreschi, Fosca Giannotti, Massimo Riccaboni Big Data, Complex Networks and Markets
Alain Tcheukam Siwe CSE Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari Prosumer planning in the DEZENT context of regenerative power production
Elvira Khakimova MDCH Lorenzo Casini Cultural Policy in Central Asia: Comparative Analysis of Legislations and Public Policies
Veronica Lenzi PSIC Filippo Andreatta States Membership in Energy Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs): Trade, Alliances and Regulation
Alberto Frigerio MDCH Fabrizio Coricelli The Underwater Cultural Heritage: a Comparative Analysis of International Perspectives, Laws and Methods of Management
Enrico De Angelis EMI Francesco Sobbrio, Massimo Riccaboni Essays on Virtual Water Trade
Vit Simral PSIC Leonardo Morlino The Cost of Partitocracy: Party Funding in East Central Europe
Lisa Gianmoena EMI Fabio Pammolli Spatial Dynamics and Growth Rate Volatility of European Regions
Anvarjon Rahmetov PSIC Leonardo Morlino Conceptualizing and Explaining Post-Soviet Authoritarian Breakdowns: Cases of 'Color Revolutions'
Marco Modica EMI Fabio Pammolli Essays in Regional and Complex Urban Economics
Francesca Fondi PSIC Aleksander Xhuvani Higher Education in Albania: access and financing
Iffat Ahmed CSE Leonardo Badia Multimedia Quality improvements for Next Generation Networks
Melahat Isilay Gursu MDCH The Role of 'Public' in Public-Private Partnerships: Reading the Cultural Heritage Management Practices of Turkey
Year, Cycle: 2009
Ciclo : XXIV
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Gianmarco De Francisci Morales CSE Claudio Lucchese, Ranieri Baraglia Big Data and the Web: Algorithms for Data Intensive Scalable Computing
Giovanni Marin EMI Francesca Lotti, Massimiliano Mazzanti Essays in Applied Environmental and Innovation Economics
Emanuele Carlini CSE Laura Ricci, Massimo Coppola, Alberto Montresor Combining Peer-to-Peer and Cloud Computing for Large Scale On-line Games
Maria Gkresta PSIC Berndt Belina State, space and security: the treatment of deviant groups in times of crisis
Marco Mori CSE Paola Inverardi A Framework to Support Consistent Design and Evolution of Adaptive Systems
Simona Losito PSIC Mario Del Pero The Human Rights Diplomacy The Carter Presidency and the Relationship with Brazil (1977-1981)
Oznur Ozdamar EMI Andrea Vindigni Public Expenditures on Family-Specific Benefits, Governance and Child Health Outcomes
Hossein Vahabi CSE Fabrizio Silvestri, Ricardo Baeza-Yates Recommendation Techniques for Web Search and Social Media
Alexander Dmitrishin PSIC Giliberto Capano Socio-Political Aspects of Higher Education and Knowledge Production: The Case of University Rankings
Leopoldo Mondauto EMI Carlo Cambini The use of administrative data: from the evaluation of the EPL effect to the analysis of the university graduates' labor market
Ana Ljubojevic PSIC Maria Elena Cavallaro, Luca Mezzetti What’s the story? Legal and media narratives of war crime trials and shaping of national identity in Croatia and Serbia
Davide Bradanini PSIC Francesco Strazzari Common sense and 'national emergency': neoliberal hegemony in 1990s Italy.
Begum Cimen EMI Necip Cakir, Francesco Sobbrio Essays on the Spatial Analysis of the Housing Market
Koteswararao Kondepu CSE Giuseppe Anastasi Energy Efficient Discovery Strategies for WSNs with Mobile Elements
Stefano Abbate CSE Marco Avvenuti Wireless Sensing Devices: From Research to Real Applications in Logistics and Healthcare
Valentina Giommoni PSIC Leonardo Morlino Religion and Quality of Democracy in Israel
Letizia Montinari EMI Giammario Impullitti Technology, Development and Welfare: Two Essays in International Trade and Development Economics
Anne Kersten Kauer CSE Roberto Bruni, Carla Ferreira Formal Specification, Verification and Analysis of Long-running Transactions
Donata Franzi PSIC Carlo Cambini Energy rules harmonization in the Euro-Mediterranean area between external pressures for rules change and domestic institutional restraints. The case of independent regulatory agencies
Valeria Galanti PSIC Antonio Masala, Luca Mezzetti Conditions for plausibility of Women’s Conventions: Internalising the paradigm shift in the Inter-American System of Human Rights. Analysing a comparable experience for the Istanbul Convention
Pavel Belchev PSIC Antoine Vauchez Is the Court of Justice of the European Union a mere Instrument in the Hands of Member States?
Ahmed Nagy CSE Alberto Ambrosini Leveraging Semantic Techniques for Social Media Analysis Applied to Disaster Management
Michael Rochlitz EMI Andrea Vindigni Two Essays on Institutions and the State in Russia & A Study of Absorptive Capacity
Luca Anchora CSE Leonardo Badia Spectrum sharing in mobile cellular networks: an alternative approach for efficient resource utilization
Aida Kisunaite PSIC Bruno Dente Participation of social CSOs in the OMC inclusion: how does it affect European governance and CSOs themselves?
Year, Cycle: 2008
Ciclo : XXIII
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Sonia Taneja CSE Maria Grazia Buscemi, Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari A Game-Theoretical Analysis of Grid Job Scheduling
Michele Budinich CSE Bruno Codenotti Auctions and Mechanisms in Keyword-based Advertising
Adele Del Sordi PSIC Luca Mezzetti The Party of Power of Kazakhstan. The origins, resources and regime-supporting functions of Nur Otan.
Camilla Landi EMI Michele Polo Ex-post Evaluation of Competition Authorities' Activities
Luong Thanh Binh CSE Franco Turini, Roberto Ruggieri Generalized Discrimination Discovery on Semi-structured Data Supported by Ontology
Guido Scatena CSE Roberto Barbuti, Francesca Levi Abstract Probabilistic Semantics for the Analysis of Biological Systems Models
Caterina Miriello EMI Carlo Cambini Regulating the development of renewable energy: a model-based analysis of electricity utilities in Europe.
Ali Hedayat PSIC Massimiliano Andretta The Claim-making of the Islamist Hizb-ut-Tahrir and the Radical Right-wing party NPD in the Federal Republic of Germany
Luisa Gagliardi EMI Lanfranco Senn Intangible Assets and Local Economic Performance
Fabiana Sacchetti PSIC Leonardo Morlino Political and Socio-economic Liberalizations in Morocco: Genuine Democratization or Smart Authoritarianism?
Virginia Silvestri EMI Carlo Cambini Network Development and Regulation in Broadband Markets
Irene Mammi EMI Giorgio Calzolari Essays in GMM estimation of dynamic panel data models
Sara De Masi EMI Carlo Cambini CEO compensation and characteristics of the boards of directors in European public utilities of the energy sector
Alexander Kuznetsov PSIC Raffaele Marchetti Subnational Governments in International Affairs: A Study on Theory and Practice of Paradiplomacy
Nicholas Caporusso CSE Licia Sbattella Issues, Challenges and Practices in Advancing Pervasive Human-Computer Interaction for People with Combined Hearing and Vision Impairments
Lusine Mkrtchyan CSE Beatrice Lazzerini Alternative Solutions to Traditional Approaches to Risk Analysis and Decision Making Using Fuzzy Logic
Maddalena Nurchis CSE Luciano Lenzini, Marco Conti Novel Routing paradigms for Wireless Mesh Networks
Ilaria Petrarca EMI Alessandro Petretto Essays on Electoral Accountability and Local Public Finance
Raymond Steenkamp Fonseca PSIC Zaki Laidi South Africa's Foreign Economic Policy: Strategies of an Emerging Power
Alessandro Ciaramella CSE Beatrice Lazzerini, Francesco Marcelloni Situation Awareness in Mobile Recommendation Systems
Farshad Shams CSE Marco Luise Cooperative Techniques in Wireless Communications: a Game- and Information- Theoretic Analysis
Elira Karaja EMI Gérard Roland, Barry Eichengreen Essays on Institutions and Reforms for Transition (Emerging) Economies
Perihan Ozge Saygin EMI Francesca Lotti On Gender Differences in Higher Education in Turkey
Carlo Giuseppe Cirulli PSIC Viviene Schmidt La sinistra italiana e il processo d'integrazione europea: la transizione del Pci attraverso il suo discorso sull'Europa.
Year, Cycle: 2006
Ciclo : XXI
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Marc Johan Botenga PSIC Juan Eugenio Corradi The Iranian Leviathan: State Formation, Progress and Democracy in Iran
Fabio Calugi PSIC Paolo Nello Il tricolore e la bandiera rossa. Patria e interesse nazionale nel discorso pubblico del PCI togliattiano (1944-1949).
Daniela Conte PSIC Michele Sorice Media Diplomacy. Gli effetti della rivoluzione satellitare araba sul confronto tra l'Occidente e la Mezza Luna
Luca Genovali CSE Fabrizio Baiardi, Carlo Ghezzi A Voronoi Based Framework for the Definition of P2P Distributed Virtual Environments
Michele Berlingerio CSE Francesco Bonchi, Fosca Giannotti Graph and Network Data: Mining the Temporal Dimension
Barbara Furletti CSE Franco Turini Ontology-Driven Knowledge Discovery
Lisa Marrani TMCH Maria Adriana Giusti, Jose Luis Oyon El patrimonio en la ciudad contemporánea, entre identidad y transformación. El caso del Turó de la Font de la Guatlla a Barcelona.
Costanza Anselma Russo EMI Francesco Vella The insolvency of cross border banking groups: problems and perspectives
Lorenza Camin TMCH Massimo Bergamasco, Antonella Negri Tecnologie informatiche per la conoscenza e la comunicazione di Lucca romana
Anna Maria Giannone TMCH Francesco Antinucci Comunicazione e trasmissione di conoscenza nel museo. Indagine sui visitatori della Galleria Borghese.
Giulia Fernanda Giovanna Ajmone Marsan EMI Nicola Bellomo, Massimo Egidi, Jean Pierre Nadal New Paradigms and Mathematical Methods for Complex Systems in Behavioral Economics
Francesco Panicucci CSE Antonio Prete Wire delay effects reduction techniques and topology optimization in NUCA based CMP systems
Diana Lomas TMCH Maria Adriana Giusti, Francesca Velani Unlocking the potentialities of Northern Sardinia:exploitation of its Romanic assets
Roberta Albicocco TMCH Fulvia Donati La musealizzazione dei relitti navali. Le scelte espositive ed il monitoraggio del microclima: linee guida
Francesco Santini CSE Stefano Bistarelli Soft Constraint Tools for Quality Aspects: Languages, Frameworks and Aggregation Schemes
Massimiliano Bini TMCH Lucia Tomasi Tongiorgi Il nuovo Museo della Carta di Pescia. Passato, presente e futuro di un museo contemporaneo.
Alessandro Cologni EMI Matteo Manera Essays on the Economics and Politics of Oil Producing Countries
Beatrice Messeri TMCH Maurizio Boriani, Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, Pisit Charoenwongsa Perspectives and projects of preservation, conservation and management in WHL sites in South East Asia. New proposals for management plans Guidelines
Giannicola Bacci TMCH Maria Adriana Giusti, Chloe Campo de Montauzon Analisi delle problematiche e potenzialità della gestione integrata del patrimonio diffuso. Il sistema paesaggistico delle Ville Lucchesi. Linee guida per una gestione innovativa
Fabrizio Coticchia PSIC Maurizio Enrico Serra ll Lungo Sentiero sul Lago di Ghiaccio: L'Evoluzione della Politica di Difesa Italiana dalla Fine della Guerra Fredda all'"Operazione Leonte"
Valentine Lomellini PSIC Antonio Varsori L'appuntamento mancato. Le relazioni tra la Sinistra occidentale e l'opposizione all'interno del blocco sovietico 1968-1981
Federica Sutera TMCH Clara Baracchini, Antonia D'Aniello Digitalizzazione della documentazione di restauro e conservazione: studio critico sull'usabilità di SICaR.
Mehmet Efe Biresselioglu PSIC Nicola Bellomo European Energy Security: Turkey's Role as a Major Conduit for the Greater Caspian Hydrocarbon Reserves
Massimo Vecchio CSE Beatrice Lazzerini, Francesco Marcelloni Novel approaches to in-network processing for the reduction of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks
Saira Ahmed EMI Ahmed Vaqar Z. Essays in Trade, Taxation and External Shocks in a Small Open Economy
Leonardo Gaetano Mezzina CSE Roberto Bruni Typing Services
Serena Cassissa TMCH Valerio Berruti L'arte con-temporanea e la sua conservazione: paradossi teorici e nuove soluzioni.
Nadezda Negovelova EMI Carlo Cambini Railways Regulation in Countries of the Former USSR: Reforms, Efficiency Estimation and Governance Choice
Luca Abeti CSE Paolo Ciancarini Business-Oriented Model Driven Development of Service Oriented Architectures
Anna Caputo PSIC Bruno Dente L'implementazione delle Politiche Pubbliche attraverso un nuovo modello di Multi-Level Governance in Italia: il caso del Dipartimento delle Politiche di Sviluppo e Coesione
Giovanna Tennirelli TMCH Ettore Spalletti, Maria Teresa Filieri, Massimo Bergamasco Re-dress museum. Elaborazione di un modello di gestione museale per le collezioni di abiti storici
Enrico Calossi PSIC Luciano Bardi Organizzazione e funzioni dei Partiti Politici a Livello Europeo. Il caso del Partito della Sinistra Europea
Maria Cecera TMCH Marta Ciafaloni Le facciate dipinte: linee guida per la conservazione. Il caso studio della Certosa di Calci.
Laura Bolondi TMCH Luigia Binda Lucchesian Villas renders:basis for a research guideline on diffused heritage systems
Desdemona Ventroni TMCH Maria Grazia Messina, Marco Dezzi Bardeschi Salvaguardia di un archivio d'arte contemporanea. Dalla galleria Schema allo Spazio d'arte Alberto Moretti/Schema Polis.
Jane Lezina PSIC Tatiana Vorozheykina Transformations of Political Culture in Post-Totalitarian Societies. Post-World War II West Germany and Post-Soviet Russia in Comparative Perspective.
Giacomo Landeschi TMCH Marinella Pasquinucci Using VR for the archaeological risk evaluation in an alluvial coastal plain
Year, Cycle: 2005
Ciclo : XX
Course E-mail Supervisor Thesis
Alessandra Paradisi TMCH Lucia Toniolo Conservation of Ancient Plasters: Evaluation of the Surface Consolidation
Habiba Skalli CSE Luciano Lenzini, Marco Conti Channel Assignment, Routing and Cross Layer issues for Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Gaetano Ciaravella BSE Paolo Dario, Cecilia Laschi Design and Development of a Biomimetic Vestibular System
Saverio Serri PSIC Viktor Zaslavsky, Giovanni Orsina Fanfani e il 1958: una nuova politica estera per l'Italia
Elena D'Alfonso EMI Fabrizio Coricelli Essays on the Dynamics of Productivity at the Firm Level: the Role of Finance
Caterina Giannetti EMI Giampiero M. Gallo Essays on Empirical Banking
Vito Monaco BSE Silvestro Micera Ageing and Related Disorders on Lower Limb Performance: Functional Analysis and Rehabilitation Robotic Platform.
Umberto Scarfogliero BSE Paolo Dario, Cesare Stefanini Locomotion Issues in Bio-inspired Robots
Elena Bonini TMCH Maurizio Forte I processi cognitivi in sistemi tridimensionali condivisi di comunicazione digitale per i beni culturali: un approccio epistemologico alla musealizzazione virtuale
Silvia Vesco TMCH Claudio Arias Ecomusei come strumenti di sviluppo. Quale gestione? L'analisi di un caso: l'Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese
Weiting Liu BSE Arianna Menciassi Flexible / Compliant Artificial Sensory Systems for Soft-Body Micro-Machines.
Marco Piccigallo BSE Oliver Tonet, Paolo Dario Mechatronic Devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Claudio Catalano PSIC Christopher Hill The role of Italy in the development of a European security and defence policy
Gabriele Ferri BSE Barbara Mazzolai, Virgilio Mattoli Biorobotics for Chemical Sources Localization
Veronica Neri TMCH Maria Teresa Filieri, Massimo Bergamasco, Alessandro Tosi, Sonia Maffei Segni incisi sul web. La valorizzazione e la comunicazione della grafica a Lucca attraverso le nuove tecnologie
Luca Citi BSE Silvestro Micera, Oliver Tonet Development of a neural interface for the control of a robotic hand
Marco Pasquali CSE Ranieri Baraglia Design and Evaluation of Scalable Approaches to Schedule a Stream of Batch Jobs in Large-Scale Grids
Michele De Luca PSIC Ginevra Cerrina Feroni Diritti delle minoranze e adesione all'Unione Europea: i casi dell'Albania e della Bosnia-Erzegovina
Giulia Gobbo EMI Luca Enriques Conflicts of interest in the provision of investment services to retail clients. Costs and benefits analysis of the current European regulation
Costanza Baldini TMCH Alessandro Tosi Forme di valorizzazione della Nona Arte: come il linguaggio e le opere degli autori del Fumetto vengono inserite in un sistema di promozione culturale
Alessandro Erta CSE Luciano Lenzini, Enrico Gregori A General Modular Framework for Resource Allocation in IEEE 802.16
Alessio Botta CSE Beatrice Lazzerini, Francesco Marcelloni Automatic Context Adaptation of Fuzzy Systems
Maria Anna Madia EMI Giorgio Rodano Essays on the Effects of Flexibility on Labour Market Outcome
Alexia Redini PSIC Giovanni Giorgini Il contributo di Michael Oakeshott nel dibattito teorico sui modelli di convivenza in un'Europa multiculturale
Anna Taorchini EMI Carlo Scarpa, Bernardo Bortolotti Central v. Local ownership of firms
Manuela Forte EMI Roberto Pardolesi Access to Broadcasting Platforms in Multi-sided Markets
Erika Conti PSIC Valentina Colombo Political Rights and Representation for Women in Egypt
Simone Busetti PSIC Bruno Dente Soluzioni istituzionali per problemi di policy: la riorganizzazione dei trasporti a Londra e Barcellona
Maria Bigoni EMI Giancarlo Spagnolo Theoretical and Experimental Economic Analysis of Collusion
Marilena Filippelli EMI Mario Libertini, Rudolph J. R. Peritz Collective Dominance in Competition Law
Elisa Lastella TMCH Sonia Maffei, Massimo Bergamasco Saperi storici e nuove tecnologie La pratica dei saperi e le nuove metodologie di trasmissione: "Storia di una statua" a Pietrasanta
Laura Pecchioli TMCH Massimo Bergamasco, Thomas H. Kolbe Accessing Information navigating in a 3D Intercative Environment
Carlo Stagnaro EMI Sergio Grea Three essays on the Economics of Climate Change
Alessandra Battistelli TMCH Maurizio Boriani Preservation, Valorization and Management of Nonomonumental Historical Settlements in Latin America The Cultural Heritage as a Resource, from the Protection Tools towards the Sustainability Policies of Interventions through the Colombian Case Study
Matteo Tondini PSIC Bruno Dente Ubi Maior, Ibi Ius: Assessing Justice System Reform in Afghanistan
Marta Severo TMCH Maurizio Boriani Web-based Tools to manage Network Cultural Heritage
Michela Aquilano BSE Maria Chiara Carrozza On the experimental Analysis and Assessment of Robots for Personal Assistance and Neurorehabilitation
Benedetta Cesqui BSE Silvestro Micera Innovative Methods for the Analysis and Restoration of Motor Control in Elders and Stroke Patients.
Cristina Borgioli TMCH Donata Devoti, Massimo Bergamasco La musealizzazione dei tessuti: proposte per la promozione della sezione tessili del Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi a Lucca
Stefano Costalli PSIC Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, Giampiero M. Gallo Politics behind Globalization: The Influence of Political and Security Variables on Economic Interdependence among States
Nicolò Dell'Unto TMCH Maurizio Forte Metodologia digitali integrate per la creazione, lo sviluppo e la crescita di comunità virtuali dedicate all'archeologia
Daniele Strollo CSE Gianluigi Ferrari, Emilio Tuosto Designing and Experimenting Coordination Primitives for Service Oriented Computing
Valerio Novembre EMI Rosa Lastra Three Essays on the Implementation Process of the Basel II Capital Accord
Emanuele Caselli BSE Paolo Dario, Barbara Mazzolai, Virgilio Mattoli Bio-inspired Robotic Networks for Environmental and Human Health Monitoring
Roberto Guanciale CSE Gianluigi Ferrari The Signal Calculus: beyond message based coordination for services
Michele Zanda CSE Antonio Prete, Pietro Pietrini Methods and tools to ensure Web Usability
Patrizio Dazzi CSE Marco Danelutto Tools and Models for High Level Parallel and Grid Programming
Luigi Manfredi BSE Cecilia Laschi Study and Development of Adaptable Sensory-motor Control Schemes for Bio-inspired Robotic Systems.
Susanna Caccia Gherardini TMCH Maria Adriana Giusti, Rosa Tamborrino Beside the Seaside: Research Methodology and Guidelines for the Preservation of Bathing Architectural Heritage
Michela Ceccorulli PSIC Maurizio Enrico Serra Cooperation in European defence procurement: OCCAR and the security regime
Alessia Savoldi EMI Carlo Cambini Competition and Regulation in the Railway industry
Diego Colombo CSE Antonio Cisternino Domain Driven Program Evolution
Pericle Salvini BSE Paolo Dario, Cecilia Laschi An Experimental Study on Human-Robot Interaction. The Role of Aesthetics, Emotions and Ethics in the Design of Acceptability of Service and Personal Robots
Andrea Bellandi CSE Franco Turini Extending Ontology Queries with Bayesian Network Reasoning
Christian Cipriani BSE Maria Chiara Carrozza Control Developments for Prosthetic and Cybernetic Hands
Debora Marconcini TMCH Sonia Maffei, Massimo Bergamasco Le voci del marmo. Saperi storici e nuove tecnologie: le tecniche della scultura dai trattati storici alle digital libraries
Davide Bacciu CSE Antonina Starita, Paulo J.g. Lisboa A Perceptual Learning Model to Discover the Hierarchical Latent Structure of Image Collections
Luigi Moretti EMI Fabrizio Coricelli Essays on the Real Effects of Banking Development and Concentration
Silvia Bossi BSE Arianna Menciassi, Silvestro Micera Development of a New Generation of Invasive Neural Interface
Antonio Bucchiarone CSE Stefania Gnesi Dynamic Software Architectures for Global Computing Systems
Veronica Piacentini TMCH Maurizio Boriani, Gamini Wijesuriya, Elvezio Galanti, Massimo Bergamasco Safeguarding cultural property from natural and man-made risks. Suggestions for personnel involved in the protection of living religious cultural heritage
Marina Turcati PSIC William Peter Baehr Italo-Chinese economic cooperation in the XXI century: different actors and the search for a strategy