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Useful Information

Living in Lucca

Lucca and its surroundings are rich in history and, at the same time, open to the future.
Throughout the years, this medieval Tuscan city has maintained the characteristics of the small capital it has been almost up to the unification of Italy. The streets and piazzas of the historic centres, the churches and buildings, and its overall urban layout show how smooth and uninterrupted its development has been over the centuries, providing an ideal setting for a campus within which experiences can be shared and personal contact can be enhanced.
The Renaissance city walls and the natural amphitheatre of the hills beyond unite in a perfect blend of nature and the work of man.
Beyond the hills, the beaches of Versilia and the mountains of Garfagnana are uniquely attractive thanks to the variety of their landscapes and their accessibility.
Lucca has good connections to other large towns, to cities and other university centres of the region, and it is close to both Pisa and Florence international airports.

Before Departure

Before traveling please check:

  • That your passport/ID Card is valid throughout the whole period of your stay in Lucca. Please note that processing the renewal of a passport may take a long time and it is better to do it plenty of time in advance;
  • If you need a VISA to enter Italy. If you have any doubts, check out the Services and Facilities section on our website. In general, you can also find information through your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please take into account that obtaining a VISA in some countries may take up to 2 months;
  • If there are any other entry requirements.

Here are some items that should be part of your carry-on luggage:

  • Passport and other important documents;
  • Other supporting financial documents;
  • Address of your destination;
  • Medications you use regularly, extra prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses;
  • Italian translation for important documents (i.e. Driving License);
  • Credit card;
  • Driving License: depending on the country issuing your license, it can be valid or must be accompanied by a translation or an international license. Please check with the School for more information. Please note that in Italy your driving license cannot be used as a passport or an ID card;
  • Some Euro currency for immediate expenses (taxi or meal etc.).


In general, the climate in Lucca is mild with a gentle fresh wind. There are some differences between the coast and the valleys where the summers are hotter than in the hilly areas and where the climate is very continental and rainfalls are more frequent. Usually the summers in Lucca are hot and dry.
Spring (April and May) and autumn (October and November) are quite rainy but there are still dry, sunny days.
The winter is usually sunny even if it is cold.
July is the hottest month with temperatures from 23°C up to 34°C.
In the coldest month - January – the temperature ranges from around 7°C on the coast and about 3.5°C to 5.5°C inside the province. Of course, the temperature in the mountainous areas is lower.

Transit within the city centre

The majority of the city centre of Lucca is off-limits for cars that do not have a special permit reserved for residents. If you do live within the city walls, your real estate agent should be able to give you advice for obtaining a special transit permit from the city hall. If you do not live within the city centre, there are some areas of the city where cars are free to drive. You can refer to the interactive map of where cars are permitted to circulate without a permit.

Daily/short-term parking

The city of Lucca has numerous options for parking within and outside of the walls. All of the city’s parking is managed by Metro srl. Their website is an excellent resource (in both English and Italian) for finding parking lots and the real-time availability of parking spaces. If you are interested in visiting one Lucca’s many tourist attractions, this map will show you the nearest parking lot to every attraction.

Useful Addresses and Numbers

Here below you can find some useful numbers:

Via Guglielmo Lippi Francesconi
Centralino tel. 0583 970 111 - 0583 9701
To call an ambulance
Emergency Call - PRONTO SOCCORSO 118
For security emergency:

Viale Cavour, 120
tel. 0583 4551

Fire Department

Post Office (near the School)
Via Vallisneri, 2
Ppen from Monday to Saturday, from 8.15 to 19.00

Lucca Train Station
Piazzale Ricasoli, 127
FS info 848 - 888088

  • Piazza Santa Maria - tel. 0583 494190
  • Piazzale Verdi - tel. 0583 581305
  • Piazza Napoleone - tel. 0583 316041
  • Via Barbantini, 617 - tel. 0583 950623
  • Piazzale Ricasoli (Stazione) - tel. 0583 494989

  • tel. 0583 955200/ 955241/ 955268