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Master's Course and Higher Education Programs

In addition to PhD courses, which represent the core of its educational offer, the IMT School for Advanced Studies organizes other programs, also in collaboration with other universities, research centers, cultural institutes, and other public or private institutions:
  • 1st and 2nd level one-year Master's courses
  • Postgraduate courses (corsi di perfezionamento), i.e., postgraduate advanced education programs, which provide a postgraduate certificate and, where applicable, university credits;
  • Professional Development courses and other training programs, for those who intend to update their knowledge in highly specialized and rapidly evolving sectors, which may provide a certificate of attendance and university credits; among those, the executive courses, are academic programs for experienced professionals, usually intensive and residential, which may provide a certificate of attendance.
Master’s Courses:
The IMT School's Master's programs are designed to provide an advanced scientific and professional qualification in a context of intense interaction with the professional world. The presence of students and faculty with an international background is an additional distinguishing element. The aster's courses are characterized by multidisciplinary cultural areas, innovative programs, and advanced topics. They may be adapted annually according to the evolution of knowledge.
Currently active courses:
Postgraduate and Professional Development Programs:
The postgraduate and professional development programs are designed to provide an in-depth specialization in specific sectors of particular interest for the qualified labor market, the territory, and the business system. The courses encourage the development of higher-level skills and competencies in the multidisciplinary scientific areas of the IMT School. Among these, the executive courses offer university-level training for executives, business leaders, and experienced managers interested in acquiring new skills, broadening their professional prospects and networks. Currently accepting applications: