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IT Facilities

The three main areas of IT Services are: Development of web applicationsNetwork infrastructure and Servers/Cloud Zone.

Developers build new web applications and the website. Web applications are accessible via custom login pages differentiated for each typology of user. Different users can thus access different enabled applications. Web applications use open source technologies and are constantly updated with the state of the art in the field.

Network administrators manage network services and devices. The IMT School Network is dynamic and constantly upgraded, preferably using open source technologies. As of today, 75% of our network services use open source technologies. This area includes the technical support of – as an illustrative, yet incomplete example – network printers, telephone systems and badge access systems.

Servers and Cloud Zone is a sandboxed (isolated) environment created both for experimenting with new technologies and for providing computational facilities. Research units can ask either to install their own environment or to access servers via remote shells. For instance, servers provide GPU computing facilities via CUDA workstations and multi-core computing facilities for long running (not massively parallelizable) computations. Finally, cloud-enabled computational and hosting services extend servers’ capabilities, when needed.


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