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Research Units

The School’s activities are further organized into distinct yet multidisciplinary research units (RU). Most RUs are characterized by a pyramidal structure where the vertex is occupied by a prominent senior researcher, junior faculty members constitute the intermediate level, and the base is formed by a small group of doctoral students, actively contributing to the research as part of their studies. Other RUs instead are structured in a multipolar fashion, with highly specialized research centered on thematic nuclei and the contribution of diverse methodologies. There are currently 8 RUs at the School:

  •  AXES - Laboratory for the Analysis of compleX Economic Systems
  •  DYSCO - Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization
  •  LYNX - Center for the Interdisciplinary Analysis of Images, Contexts, Cultural Heritage
  •  MOMILAB - Molecular Mind Laboratory
  •  MUSAM - Multi-scale Analysis of Materials
  •  NETWORKS - Network Theory, Theory of Modern Statistical Physics, Economic and Financial Systems
  •  PhiBor - Philosophy on the Border of Civilizations and Intellectual Endeavours
  •  SYSMA - System Modelling and Analysis

The research carried out within the RUs is closely connected to the School’s PhD program. In fact, every PhD student is affiliated to a Research Unit and contributes to the research and projects carried out therein. Several RUs are affiliated with highly-specialized laboratories, and the entire School relies on the computation power and cloud-based facilities of the IMT Computer Lab.

The IMT School promotes the scientific research and higher education in mathematics disciplines thanks to the collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica - INdAM by hosting a Local Research Unit.