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Spin Off

The IMT School supports the constitution of private-law bodies with the aim of entepreneurial utilization in innovative contexts, research results, and the development of new products and services, in particular the creation on "academic spin-offs".

Regulations on Spin Offs - IMT School (Italian version)

How to create a Spin-Off


Spin Off

TREE-TOWER is an innovative start-up founded in April 2019 by Dr. Francesco Biancalani and Prof. Dr. Ing. Marco Paggi. Currently, TREE-TOWER has its headquarters and registered office at the “Polo Tecnologico Lucchese” in Lucca (Italy). TREE-TOWER develops tailored software for companies in the era of smart manufacturing, providing activities for: CAD-CAE integration, innovative prototyping solutions, virtual testing of materials and components, digital twin models for improved products and processes, sensor networks design and big-data analytics for production lines, the assistance of innovation business strategy.

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Valuematic is an innovative start-up founded in June 2020 in Lucca by Prof. Nicola Lattanzi and Prof. Mirco Tribastone, inside the scope of “Industria 4.0” plan. It accomplishes the whole development cycle of data-driven predictive tools to support decision-making, both at strategic and operational level, carrying out activities of data engineering, key performance indicators definition e tailored digital dashboard development. Valuematic supports the digital transition of companies, authorities, and institutions leveraging digital, strategic and management skills.



Koeus S.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in 2021 by Prof. Nicola Lattanzi, by Dr. Andrea Patricelli Malizia and by Prof. Emiliano Ricciardi, of the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. It measures human behaviors using neuroscientific methods, translates these elements into innovative products and services for its clients. Koeus partners with medium-large businesses by offering innovative services for the following activities: Human Resources and Change Management; Cognitive Ergonomics; Learning and Training; Neuromarketing.

Past Spin Off

ODYS S.r.l. - Advanced Controls & Optimization is specialized in developing Model Predictive Control (MPC) systems for next-gen controls in industrial production.