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Visiting Professor, Visiting Research Fellow e Visiting Professional

Visiting Professor, Visiting Research Fellow e Visiting Professional

IMT School, in order to enhance the quality and interdisciplinarity of its training and research activities as well as to consolidate its internationalization strategy, promotes the incoming mobility of individuals from other Italian and foreign entities/institutions through the assignment of Visiting Professor, Visiting Research Fellow and Visiting Professional positions (hereafter collectively referred to as “Visiting”).

  • Who they are? Visiting Professors are individuals with high scientific, institutional or professional qualifications; Visiting Research Fellows are individuals with significant experience in research fields; Visiting Professionals are experts who have gained significant experience outside the academic and research fields.
  • What they do? Visiting fellows are given assignments to carry out specific research, dissemination, seminar conducting and student mentoring activities within a given Research Unit of the School.
  • How long does the Visiting appointment last? From 1 to 12 months.
  • How does one become a Visiting? Visiting appointments are awarded by the Rector by his own Decree upon the proposal of the Director of a Research Unit of the School within the limits of the available budget. The Director of the Research Unit at any time of the year may propose the awarding of an appointment to one of the individuals on the Visiting Roll or to an individual of known reputation. The Research Unit Directors may also request the publication of selection notices.  Those interested in a Visiting appointment may apply at any time during the year by completing and submitting the appropriate form (see link below). Applications deemed eligible by a special committee appointed by the Rector flow into the “Visiting Roll.” Eligibility is conferred for five years. Inclusion in the Roll does not give the right to the assignment of any position or to the spending of the title deriving from it, nor does it give rise to rights regarding access to the roles of the IMT School.
  • Do you want to become an IMT School Visiting? Fill out and submit the application at the following link.


  • For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office:

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