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Good Practice

The project

The Good Practice (GP) project is coordinated by Politecnico di Milano. As of now, 43 Italian Universities and 5 Schools of excellence participate in the project on a voluntary basis.

The main aim of GP is the yearly evaluation of administrative services in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Cutomer Satisfaction: measuring how happy customers are with the services provided by conducting two anonymous surveys, one for Academics, PhD Students, and Research Fellows and one for staff;
  • Organizational well-being: assessing the psychological workplace climate and the knowledge of the evaluation system by conducting an anonymous survey for staff only.

Evaluation of the total cost, the cost per unit, the FTE for each service provided by the School employing indicators and drivers.

Data analysis and usage
A benchmarking analysis of data is performed by Politecnico di Milano each year and is available at this link (Italian version only).
The Rector, the General Director, the Quality Enhancement Committee, and the Joint Students and Teachers Board, with the support of the Planning, Control and Quality Unit, exploit in-depth analysis when planning the improvement and development of the services provided by the School.
In the Quality Assurance and continuous improvement framework, customer satisfaction surveys provide firsthand feedbacks on the outcome of the lean approach adopted by the School and aimed at improving and reviewing on a regular basisi the internal processes.

 For further information, please contact the Planning, Control and Quality Unit at