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The principal actors of the Quality Assurance (QA) system guarantee the involvement of internal and external stakeholders and the dissemination of the quality culture throughout the entire IMT School community.
  • Quality Enhancement Committee (in Italian Presidio della Qualità or PQ)
    It carries out a central role in QA, with the task of designing the QA system and of guaranteeing its correct functioning.
  • Governing Bodies - Rector, Academic Senate, Board of Governors
    The Governing Bodies define and deliberate on the strategic development of the IMT School in order to achieve quality in education, research and third mission.
  • Assessment Board (in Italian Nucleo di Valutazione or NdV) 
    It continuously monitors and direct ithe QA system. Once a year, it provides ANVUR, the Governing Bodies and the PQ with a report including opinions and reccomendations  aimed at improving the quality of teaching and research activities.
  • Joint Students and Teachers Board (in Italian Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti or CPDS)
    It monitors, evaluates and formulates opinions on the educational offerings, the quality of teaching and the services offered to students. It formulates improvement proposals related to the education sector thorugh an annual report addressed to the PQ, NdV, and Governing Bodies.
  • Operational Management Group
    It is a staff unit in the General Direction that promotes the pursuit of organizational effectiveness and efficiency through the application of operational management principles. In particular, the Group implements an organization structured in processes aimed at continuous improvement and periodic review of the processes within the School through Lean principles. It provides support in the definition and application of organizational learning processes in the field of operational management and the School’s QA.
  • International Advisory Board
    It is a consultative body, providing insights and suggestions on education, research and the third mission.
The following figure is a visual representation of the structure and the organization of the School’s QA system.