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PhD Program in Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences

Director: Emiliano Ricciardi


The Program is organized into a single training curriculum but is characterized by the significant interdisciplinary nature of its approach. It integrates a basic training in neuroscience and experimental psychology with the study of mental activities and cognitive functions in the psychophysiological, neurobiological, neuropsychological, psycholinguistic, computational, social, philosophical, logical, ethical and educational fields.

Furthermore, in line with the multidisciplinary nature of the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, the Ph.D. Program promotes the study of the psychophysiological correlates of cognitive functions and human behavior with particular attention to questions of a transversal, translational and clinical nature. Recently, in the context of a dialogue with the economic, social, engineering and humanities sciences, the introduction of neuroscientific methodologies and themes has led to a greater valorisation of the experimental approach and an innovative characterization of the neurobiological correlates of human behavior, integrated with social, computational and data analytics aspects. The didactic and experimental organization of the Ph.D. program has been built and revised over the years precisely to adopt this multidisciplinary approach, aiming to offer a broad educational overview, fundamental in the field of modern neuroscience both for pursuing an academic and experimental research career, and for open up to new labor markets that increasingly require transversal figures.

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