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Quality Assurance System

The Quality Assurance (QA) system aims to guarantee and promote the effectiveness, the efficiency and the excellence of the School’s activities in all of the relevant areas, particularly:
The IMT School has summarized its quality assurance objectives in the "Quality Policies" document. At the same time, the School has introduced a system that includes all of the activities and procedures foreseen by the IMT School in order to guarantee:
  • the quality of all services provided;
  • the pursuit of all of the objectives that the School sets;
  • the self-evaluation and the evaluation of the objectives achieved;
  • the continuous improvement of the School’s activities, procedures and of the QA system itself as the result of the self-evaluation and evaluation processes;
  • the involvement of all of the final beneficiaries (internal and external stakeholders) in the School’s processes.
The QA system is based on the Lean Office concept and is characterized by a cyclical nature that aims at a continuous quality improvement over time thanks to a constant control of the procedures.