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Visas and Stay Permits
If you are a non-EU citizen, do not live in Italy and you do not have a stay permit/permanent residence card in Italy, you must have an entry visa. Upon your arrival in Italy, you shall also submit a request for a stay permit for study reasons.
You can find all the information regarding Visa and Stay permit application for students, researchers and professors in this attached document.
Special Deals

The IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca has activated some special deals for various kinds of services in favour of its users. To benefit from these special rates the IMT user or family member must simply show their institutional badge or another form of identification in which it is evident that the person is affiliated with the School. For information and suggestions, please contact the Campus Management and Front Office ( Please check the Special Deals section for more details.

Italian and English language courses
For a number of years the IMT School has been offering courses in Italian language and culture to foreign students and researchers to encourage and facilitate their integration and inclusion into the city of Lucca. The School, moreover, also offers English language courses to its administrative staff, students and researchers. These courses are offered with the aim of facilitating the cultural growth of the participants and to encourage their openness to foreign students and researchers. Agreements The Campus Management and Front Office stipulates and maintains agreements for various types of services for IMT School students, researchers and employees.
Registration at the municipal Ufficio Anagrafe
If you are an EU citizen, as of April 11, 2007, you are allowed to move without restrictions int Italy without applying for a stay permit. During the first 3 months of your stay, you have no requirements to meet if you have a valid identity document. After 90 days of uninterrupted stay in Italy, you have to register with the Municipal Offices of the city where you have your housing (Comune di Lucca - "Ufficio Anagrafe"). This will automatically imply the change of your residence from your home country to Italy and the necessary fiscal consequences. If you already have a valid stay permit, you can wait until it expires before registering yourself at the Municipality.
Health Care and Insurance
If you are a non-EU citizen, you are required to subscribe to private health insurance (e.g. INA Assitalia) for the entire duration of your stay in Italy in order to apply for the stay permit. If you choose the INA Assitalia insurance policy, you will need to make a payment to the company postal current account (c/c nr. 71270003, made out to "Assitalia Agenzia Generale, Roma Conto 20", for "Polizza sanitaria studenti stranieri") at any Post Office in Italy. The price is 49euro for up to 6 months and 98 euro for 1 year. This insurance only covers urgent medical assistance (surgery and accidents) in the Emergency Room (Pronto Soccorso).
Note that private non-Italian insurance will not be accepted at the Questura unless you have an official paper an Italian Embassy or Consulate stating the validity of such insurance.
If you wish to register fully with the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SNN)), you must be resident in Lucca and pay a yearly subscription of 149.77 euros. Please note that the registration expires on December 31st of each year. In order to obtain health and medical assistance, you must enroll directly at the Azienda Sanitaria Locale ((ASL) Local Health Offices) in your area of residence.

If you are an EU citizen in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) obtained in your home country from the health authority (the so-called TEAM card in Italy) you are automatically covered in all EU member countries. If you do not have an EHIC, before you leave for Italy, you must go to the competent health authority in your country in order to ask for your health insurance to be extended to Italy. Alternatively, you will have to draw up a private health insurance covering all risks (maternity included). It is not possible to enroll with the Italian Health Service (see art. 7 of Decree n. 30 of February 7, 2007). Please note that health insurance is compulsory for all European students in Italy. Please note also that the EHIC card is not valid for registration with the Municipality of Lucca: therefore, it would be convenient to apply for the so-called E106, E120, E121, E33, E109, E37 forms in your country before your departure.
Registration with INPS
What is INPS? INPS is the primary social security institution in Italy, with which all employees of public and private institutions, and the majority of self-employed workers, must be registered and insured. Doctoral students with scholarships (both Italian and foreign) are no exception; the specific sector with which they must be registered is referred to as "Gestione Separata". The employer is responsible for 2/3 of the amount of INPS social security contributions to be paid, while the employee, or in this case student, is responsible for 1/3, which is automatically deducted from your scholarship payment.
How do you register yourself with INPS and the "Gestione Separata"? Before registering, foreign students must obtain a "codice fiscale" (tax identification number) from the "Agenzia delle Entrate" (Italian Revenue Agency) by presenting a valid identity document. You must register online according to the procedure either for foreign or Italian students as outlined below:
  1. Go to the "Agenzia delle Entrate" to receive your "codice fiscale"
  2. Go to the local INPS office in Lucca (Piazza Martiri delle Libertà, 65), along with your "codice fiscale" and ID card, and fill out the attached form entitled "Richiesta per Assegnazione PIN al cittadino" (PIN request form)
  3. After having received your PIN, follow either one of the procedures described below:
    Online registration: Go to the INPS website. Go to the online services section, go to the section entitled "Lavoratori parasubordinati iscrizione" and start the procedure, which will also require your "codice fiscale", at this link.
    Telephone registration: Call the toll free number 803.164 to speak to an INPS operator Give the operator your PIN number along with the following information:
    - EMPLOYER: Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca, Piazza San Ponziano 6 - 55100 Lucca
    - REGISTRATION with the "gestione separata" as: "Dottorando di ricerca/Collaboratore cc" (Doctoral student/collaborator cc")
Non- EU students interested in staying in Italy after they complete their Ph.D
In accordance with Italian law all non-EU citizens, who have completed a Ph.D. in Italy, can legally remain in Italy for the purposes of employment. There are three options:
  1. "Permesso di soggiorno" for job seeking - When the "Permesso di Soggiorno" for study reasons expires, foreigners who have obtained a Ph.D. in Italy can sign up on the "lista di collocamento" (employment lists) at the nearest "Centro per l'impiego" (employment office) and meanwhile fill out an application (obtained from the Post Office) for a new P.S. while waiting to find employment. This will allow you to stay in Italy for an additional 12 months. However, if after the 12 months you have been unable to find work, you must return to your country of permanent residence. NOTE: This type of P.S. cannot be renewed.
  2. Conversion of valid "Permesso di soggiorno" for study into a "permesso di soggiorno" for employment - If you have already found employment, you may apply by submitting your application to the "Sportello Unico per l'immigrazione" at the Prefecture in your city of residence through the Interior Ministry's online procedure. You must fill out the V2 form (for employment) or the Z2 form (for self-employment).
  3. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive a letter from the "Sportello Unico" requesting the necessary additional documents to complete the procedure. These documents must be sent within 10 days or the procedure will be closed. Once the documents have been received, verified and deemed complete, the "Sportello Unico" will request the applicant to finalize the procedure, and at which time the documentation needed to apply for a P.S. for employment will be given. After this, the applicant can apply for a P.S. by filling out a pack at the Post Office.
Parking for IMT users
Thanks to the agreement with Metro S.r.l., the students, researchers, teachers and technical-administrative staff of the IMT School have the possibility to make a subscription at a reduced rate for all the blue parking slots in front of the walls, starting just from outside Porta Elisa up to at the Municipal Pharmacy (Viale Pacini, Viale Giusti, Viale Mazzini, Piazza Curtatone, Via Montegrappa).
To request the subscription, you need to download this form and follow the instructions inside. This form must be completed and sent by email to the Campus Management and Front Office ( well in advance of the start date of the subscription.
Other Services
Tax Identification Number (Codice fiscale)
A Tax Identification Number is needed for the payment of the grant, and is also needed when opening a bank account or enrolling with the National Health Service. The number is issued by the Fiscal Office ("Agenzia delle Entrate") on presentation of an identity document. Please let us know if you happen to have one already from a previous stay in Italy. This Tax Identification Number issued by the Fiscal Office is the only one that is legal in Italy and the only one which enables you to receive payment. For this reason, always keep the official certification issued by the Fiscal Office. In Lucca, Tax Identification Number can be requested at
Agenzia Delle Entrate
Via di Sottomonte, 3 - Guamo - 55060 Lucca (LU)
Tel. +39 0583 31791
Fax +39 0583 3179277 Email:

Italian Bank Account
Italian banks offer checking and savings accounts, and joint accounts for couples (conto corrente cointestato). Moreover, some banks offer special conditions or accounts for children, young people, pensioners and students. In general, no fees are charged when you withdraw cash from your own bank's ATM as well as when paying with a bankcard in shops within the country. Before you decide to open a bank account, get all the information you may need! In fact, banks can offer different solutions (e.g. fees for account management, withdrawal of money, etc...).
  • How can you open a bank account? Bank accounts can be opened in Italy by both residents and non-residents above 18 years of age. Foreigners working in Italy may open an account in order to receive their salary and have a credit or debit card. What documents do you need to open a bank account? In order to open a bank account, you will be asked to provide one or more of the following papers: Passport, Tax identification number (Codice Fiscale), Recent utility bill (as proof of address), Residence card or proof of employment in Italy (work contract or payroll). In order to be sure about what papers to submit, we suggest you check with the bank of your choice.
  • How much does a bank account cost in Italy? Unfortunately, having a bank account in Italy costs a bit more than in other countries in Europe. Please, remember also that the fees depend on the type of account you have opened. For further information, please ask the IMT Campus Management and Front Office, as there might be some special conditions that we can point out to you.
Bank Opening hours
Bank opening hours vary according to the bank and the town. Banks are usually open from 8/8:30 am until 13/13:30 pm and in the afternoon from 14:30 to 15:30 pm (sometimes until 16:00/16:30). 
Post Office bank account
Post offices also offer banking services, savings, and checking accounts. Any resident over the age of 18 may open a postal account. If you want to open a postal account, you must provide the following documents: Passport, Tax identification number (Codice Fiscale), Recent utility bill, Stay permit.
Additional Accident Insurance
IMT subscribes to an additional insurance for all Ph.D. students, researchers and professors. It provides coverage against accidents and injuries incurred by students, in Lucca or abroad, while performing academic activities.

Tax Incentives for foreign research and teaching staff
For foreign research and teaching staff, according to the Italian law, we usually issue a contract called "Contratto di Collaborazione" or fixed-term contract (ex lege 230/2005) The Italian income tax regulation allows foreign citizens to benefit from some main tax concession measures such as:
  1. International agreements against the double taxation: For those (included Research Fellow positions) who:
    - Reside in one of the countries that have stipulated an agreement with Italy in order to avoid the double taxation (please check the List of Conventions on the website of the Ministry of Economics and Finance;
    - Carry out teaching or research activity in Italy for a period generally not exceeding 2 years. The due compensation will be taxed exclusively in the country of residence of the appointee.
    - Tax reduction eligibility ex art. 44 L. n. 122/2010 (Incentivi per il rientro in Italia di ricercatori residenti all'estero)
    Are eligible for tax reduction those researchers who:
    - Have a University Degree;
    - Have resided permanently and not occasionally abroad;
    - Have carried out documented research activity abroad within universities or research centres, both public and private, as well as within companies or institutions with dedicated research departments, for at least 2 uninterrupted years;
    - Decide to carry out their professional activity in Italy and, consequently, re-enter Italy and become subject of the Italian tax law;
    - Earn incomes from dependant or autonomous work, or other incomes considered as dependant work, such as incomes from coordinated and continuous collaboration for the carrying out of research activity;
    - Carry out research activity in Italy for a period of time no less than 183 days in the fiscal year taken into consideration (e.g. contract starting in September 2010: tax deduction applied in the fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013, the first four months of the contract will be subject to normal taxation).
    Important: Through such tax concession measure, only 10% of total income will be taxed for up to four fiscal years and total income will not concur for the constitution of the regional tax on production activities. In order to benefit from this tax reduction, at his/her arrival, the researcher will have to take up his/her fiscal residence in Italy at Comune di Lucca - "Ufficio Anagrafe". This tax reduction will end within seven years from the coming into force of art. 44 L. n. 44/2010 (by May 31st, 2017).