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The San Ponziano Complex

The San Ponziano Complex houses the IMT School administrative offices in the historic building that once housed the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory. The building's restoration was completed in 2006.

The “Ex-Boccherini” building (area of 1008.93 m2) houses the IMT administrative offices as mentioned above, as well as common areas, meeting rooms, seminar and conference rooms.

Available spaces for teaching, research and Third Mission activities and laboratories

The Meeting Room (31.06 m2 – Ex-Boccherini ground floor), which can hold 12 people and is used for meetings and lessons, equipped with a video projector and whiteboard;

The Conference Room (67.66 m2 – Ex-Boccherini ground floor), which can hold 50 people and is used for seminars, conferences, lessons, plenary meetings; it is equipped with a video projector, a computer and a whiteboard.

Since 2018, the ground floor also hosts the Multidisciplinary Laboratory for cognitive-behavioural experiments. It is equipped with two sound-proofed cabins (Boxy and B-ear), outfitted with equipment for carrying out cognitive-behavioural experiments and managed by MoMiLab research unit (Molecular Mind Laboratory).


The San Ponziano Complex is also home to the IMT School Library (1,438.05 m2), located in the former San Ponziano Church. The Library holds 86 reading spaces, 54 on the ground floor (which is also open to external users) and 32 spots on the third floor in the open space area (which is reserved for IMT School students). The first and second floors contain 24 individual offices, 20 of which are reserved for IMT School researchers for the duration of their appointment and 4 for students, who can request to use the space on a daily basis. Finally, on the ground floor of the Library rests the Crypt, which is a small room equipped with a whiteboard and video projector and is used for seminars and meetings. Library services are provided from Monday to Thurdsay, from 9 am to 6:30 pm and Friday-Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 pm. Internal users however can access the Library during times in which it is closed to the public, namely from 7:30 am to 12:50 am, seven days a week. The Library provides the following services: WiFi, local loans, interlibrary loans and document retrieval, bibliographic information, catalogue and electronic resource assistance, plagiarism detection software support, institutional archive assistance and copyright training.