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Safety, health and wellbeing on the workplace

Prevention and Protection Service

The Prevention and Protection Service (SPP) of the IMT School, composed of a Manager (RSPP), Eng. Alessandro Innocenti, and of a Service Supervisor (ASPP), Dr. Fulvio Marandola, was appointed by the Rector (as Employer), with the task of:

  • implement occupational health and safety policies (pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 81/2008, as amended);
  • draw up and periodically update the Risk Assessment Documents (DVR) and emergency plans for the Schools buildings;
  • identify the prevention and protection measures for the safety and health of the work environment, to be implemented in order to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of hazardous situations;
  • assisting the Employer (Rector), the Manager (Director General), the Heads of teaching and research activities in the laboratory, and the Supervisors, in the management of their respective responsibilities in the field of accident prevention;
  • organize health surveillance of workers with the Competent Doctor (MC), Dr. Alessandra Paolini;
  • consult the Workers' Safety Representative (RLS), Dr Federica Benetello, on workers' queries on health and safety issues in the workplace;
  • propose and organize compulsory information and training activities on health and safety in the workplace.


Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is addressed to all workers at the IMT School (Technical-Administrative Staff, Professors, Researchers, holders of Co.Co.Co. contracts, Undergraduates, PhD students, trainees, etc.) and is carried out by the Medical Officer in charge. The Competent Doctor, a specialist in occupational medicine, assesses the suitability of male and female workers for the specific work task to which they have been assigned, ascertaining their health conditions in relation to the risks that the assigned work entails. The Competent Doctor carries out:

  • the initial health assessment (post-employment visit);
  • periodic health checks;
  • a medical examination at the request of the worker if he or she considers that he or she is suffering from an ailment the cause of which arises from his or her work activity;
  • medical examination on the occasion of a change of job;
  • medical examination upon termination of employment.


Psychological Support Services

In January of 2019, the School signed an agreement with the Usl Toscana Nord Ovest (the local health unit) to activate psychological support services for both students and staff of the IMT School. The psychologists, selected by the local health unit (U.O.C. Psicologia e Sanità Territoriale, Azienda Usl Toscana Nord Ovest), can be reached through a dedicated email address.
The agreement will provide welcome interviews and brief psychological consultations that can be carried out individually or as a group, for those who request the services.
The psychological support services are also available in English.
The Coordinator of the Psychologists is Dr. Patrizia Fistesmaire (curriculum).