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Competitive procedure for the development of fundamental research activities under the Italian science fund

Italian Ministry of University and Research DD 2281 of 28.09.2021 - Deadline December 27, 2021

Area of Research: all research areas relating to the macro-sectors and the scientific disciplinary sector as defined by the ERC 

Funding Authority: Italian Ministry of University and Research

Eligibility Requirements: The call is open to researchers of any nationality who may reside in any country in the world at the time of the application wishing to carry out a project with an Italian host institution. Two different funding schemes are proposed:

  • a) Starting Grant: A competitive Starting Grant Principal Investigator must have already shown the potential for research independence and evidence of maturity, by having produced at least 2 important publications as main author or without the participation of their Ph.D. supervisor. They should also be able to demonstrate a promising track record of early achievements, including significant publications, presentations in well-established international conferences, granted patents, awards, prizes, etc...
  • b) Advanced Grant: Applicants for the Advanced Grant are expected to be active researchers, with a maximum age of 65, who have a track-record of significant research achievements in the last 10 years.
Maximum Duration of Projects: up to 5 years
Maximum Amount and Eligible Costs: up to EUR 1.000.000 for Starting Grants, (additional funds up to EUR 500.000 for Equipment costs for Projects in LS and PE Sector); up to EUR 1.500.000 for Advanced Grants (additional funds up to EUR 500.000 for Equipment costs for Projects in LS and PE Sector). Eligible costs are: personnel costs, including Principal Investigator contract if hired on a fixed-term basis for the duration of the project; costs for equipment; other costs (consumables, publication of books, missions abroad); subcontracts, overhead equal to 20% of the total costs excluding subcontracts.
Application and Selection Process: applications must be submitted in English through the online platform ( starting from 12.00 on 26/10/2021 and by 12.00 on 27/12/2021
OPERATING NOTE FOR SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION: To access the GEA platform it is necessary to have a SPID account. For foreigners who do not have a tax code and a valid Italian identification document (identity card, driving license, passport), a specific procedure is available. If the PI has used SPID, the application must be digitally signed (.p7m of pdf) using the personal digital signature. For useful details, please read the User Manual (available only in Italian) prepared by MUR.

Global Issue Preventing Pandemics: the Role of Human Environmental Interaction

International Research Project - Deadline November 04, 2021

Area of Resaearch: all disciplines
Funding Authority: Volkswagen Foundation
Short Description: inter- and transdisciplinary research teams (scholars from humanities or social sciences working together with natural, life or engineering scientists, plus societal stakeholders).
Eligibility requirements: Involvement of 3-5 researchers from at least 3 different countries (including at least one applicant from a German university/research institution and at least two from institutions in two different non-European Low and Middle-Income Countries).
Deadline: November 04, 2021 (12 pm, CET)



Challenges and Potentials for Europe: The Greying Continent

Area of Resaearch: humanities, cultural and social sciences (lead); natural, life, data and technological sciences possible
Title: Challenges and Potentials for Europe: The Greying Continent
Funding Authority: Volkswagen Foundation
Short Description: The call is dedicated to the challenges and dynamics of ageing within Europe. The call targets scholars in the humanities, social and cultural sciences, as these fields are often still missing in research on ageing. Where appropriate, interdisciplinary co-operations with partners from the life, data, technological and natural sciences are appreciated. Funding can be provided for the constitution of European research groups comprising up to five principal investigators (PIs) from at least three different European countries. The main applicant needs to be affiliated with a German university or research institution. A collaboration with researchers from Southern and Eastern Europe is particularly desirable. The scientific qualification of young scholars has to be a central element of each research project.
Deadline: July 23, 2021