Donata Franzi

I recently published a contribution in the book Regional Energy Initiatives by C. Cambini & A. Rubino available at .

My papers are available at

C. Cambini  - D. Franzi, 2013, Independent regulatory agencies and rules harmonization for the electricity sector and renewables in the Mediterranean region, Energy Policy, V.60, pag. 179–191: 

C. Cambini - D. Franzi, 2013, Assessing the EU Pressure for Rules Change: The Perceptions of Southern Mediterranean Energy Regulators, Mediterranean Politics,  

The book Make Energy from the Sun a Real Growth Perspective which sums up findings of my reserach activity. The study analyses those aspects that may either allow or limit rules coordination and a shared energy regulatory framework for the Mediterranean region to emerge. The study, thus, has a double objective: firstly, to analyze current developments of the energy regulatory framework in the south-Mediterranean area; secondly, to investigate the degree of rules harmonization in the area and the role of the European Union as rules promoter (

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Research Interest

My research interests span from public economy to development, and from International Relations to European Union politics. Recently I worked on the assessment of the degree of implementation of structural reforms for the energy sector in the South-Mediterranean area, focusing on the role of regulatory agencies (paper here available:
I am also interested in EU policies for reserach and development, project drafting and management, as well as the analysis of the impact of EU funds on administrative capabilities of European and non-European (neighbouring mainly) countries.