Riccardo Di Clemente

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Currently Dr. Riccardo Di Clemente is a Newton International Fellow at University College London UCL at the Centre for Advance Spatial Analysis (CASA).

He was awarded of the Newton International Fellowship of the The Royal Society, The British Academy and the Academy of Medical Sciences thanks to the project he proposed entitled “Socio-economic segregation, mobility dynamics and places attractiveness”.

Riccardo was PostDoctoral Associate at MIT Developing new methodologies using Complex systems tools to explore and analysis the mobile Call Detail Record and Credit Card data to discover new pattern in socio-economic behaviors. This project was founded by Gates Foundation and the UN and demonstrates that a combination of credit card and cell phone data can provide detailed insights into women’s economic behavior. See the UN reports here.

Riccardo obtained his M.Sc and B.Sc. in Theoretical Statistical Physics at Sapienza University of Rome.

He received his Ph.D. in Economics (at Institute for Advanced Studies IMTLucca, Italy) where he discussed a thesis that applies complexity tools to Economics and Social system in order to extract strategy for policy making.

His recent two works on schooling system and drug abuse received great deal of action by the italian press as example of new methods for policy making applied to social science:

  • The Italian all-news channel Sky TG24 had interviewed lived as expert on the italian school system organization. Here the link to the 10min interview.
  • The italian newspaper La Stampa on the third page had published an article on the relevance of his research for developing a better school system.  The extract of the newspaper (in italian).
  • The italian world news agency ANSA and some italian journals (e.g. Corriere della Sera, La Stampa) had published a news on the relevance of my paper “Statistical Agent Based Modelization of the Phenomenon of Drug Abuse, DOI :10.1038/srep00532” for studying drugs Abuse phenomena.  Read here the ANSA (in italian).

He was Visiting Scholar funded by EU-program “talent at work” at  INET@OXFORD where it examined in depth the Uk Economic complexity in collaboration with the  IPPR.  See the project:  Backing Clusters To Boost Britain’s Exports

He specialises in the application of tools from physics and mathematics in the fields of economics, finance and the social sciences.