Rodrigo Lopez Farias

Lopez Farias

I'm a Mexican Computational Systems Engineer from the 
Technology Institute of Morelia. (Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia). Morelia, Mexico

 I'm a MSc on Electrical Engineering, I got the Grade in Michoacan University of San Nicolas de Hidalgo. (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, UMSNH). Morelia, Mexico. Now I'm working on Model Predictive Control in DySCO (Dynamical Systems Control and Optimization) lab at the IMT Lucca, Italy.


My contributions so far are in the field of Global Optimization and Dynamical Systems. My representative work are two important articles in International Conferences ([1] and [2]) arising from my Master's thesis[0] , and I have been invited to give seminars about my scientific research by the Department of Postgraduate Studies in the UMSNH [4][5] and by the Superior Institute of Technology of Hidalgo City, Mexico (Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Ciudad Hidalgo) during the cycle of conferences celebrating the X Anniversary of this Institute of Technology [3].


[0]  Master's Thesis: Bifurcation Diagrams for discontinuous of Nondifferentiable Equations.

[1] Flores, Juan; Lopez, Rodrigo; Barrera, Julio. Gravitational Interactions Optimization. Learning and Intelligent Optimization.  Editor: Carlos A. Coello Coello.  SpringerLink.  Volume 6683, 2011. Rome, Italy.  P. 226-237.  ISBN: 978-3-642-25565-6.  URL: DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-25566-3.

[2]Juan J.Flores, Rodrigo Lopez and Julio Barrera, Particle swarm optimization with gravitational interactions for multimodal and unimodal problems. Proceedings of the 9th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence(MICAI 2010) pages 361-370. Springer-Verlag. Pachuca Mexico. November 2010.

[3]Activities of X Anniversary of the Superior Institute of Technology of Hidalgo City. "Evolutionary computing applied to dynamical systems"(Hidalgo City, Mexico. October 2012) 


[4]Week of research Projects FIE of the UMSN- "Gravitational Interactions Optimization". (Morelia, Mexico. June 2010)

[5]Week of Research Projects FIE of the UMSNH- "Bifurcations Diagrams using Artificial Intelligence Tools"(Morelia ,Mexico. June 2009) 

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Research Interest

 In this moment I'm interested on:

Dynamical Systems.

Model Predictive Control.