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Elisa Bernard

Elisa Bernard is a PhD Student in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT Lucca. She holds a Master’s degree in Archaelogical Sciences (University of Padua) and her main field of research is Classical Art History.

The main areas of her research are:

1. The relationship between literary and iconographic productions in Greek and Roman Art, which is thought to cast some light on the shared anthropological, cultural, social, religious, politic, and economic background, which they are the product of. In particular, she focuses on ekphraseis (where some vivid details allow the reader to visualize what is being said through words) and dramas (where the narration is on-going), and the dissemination of subjects, themes, and schemata and the rendering of movement through both words and images;

2. The Classical and Medieval artistic identity in modern and contemporary western civilization and art;

3. The on-going practice of private collecting of antiquities, the art market dynamics laying behind it, and the connected crimes against Archaeological Heritage, which are forgery, looting, and illicit trade. Elisa Bernard is, as of now, part of the Committee on the Illlicit Trade in Cultural Material within the European Association of Archaeologists.