Oznur Ozdamar

She is currently Assistant Professor of Econometrics at Aydin Faculty of Economics in Adnan Menderes University, Turkey and affiliated as a project Investigator at the Department of Economics in Bologna University, Italy.  Her project entitled "The Causal Effect of Air Pollution and Infant Health Outcomes: A Natural Experiment Using London Congestion Charge Policy as an Exogenous Source of Variation in Air Pollution (with Chiara Monfardini, Eleftherios Giovanis, Daniele Fabbri) is funded by EIEF (Einaudi Institute, Italy). Moreover she is carrying out another project called  "The Effect of Survivors’ Benefits on Poverty and Health Indicators of Women and Children in Single-Mother Households in Turkey” (with Eleftherios Giovanis) which has been selected for funding by Economic Research Forum in Egypt under the ERF Call on Gender and Social Protection in the ERF Region.


Between September 2014-September 2015, she was Post-Doctoral Researcher in Bologna University/Department of Economics. Her research project was on ''The Effects of Social Policies and Environmental Factors on Health Status and Health Problems: A Case Study of EU and Turkey'' . Oznur Ozdamar had her Ph.D in ''Economics, Markets and Institutions'' at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies on 17 December 2013.  Her PhD thesis is entitled as ''Public Expenditures on Family-Specific Benefits, Governance and Child Health Outcomes. From  2011 to 2012, she was a visiting pre-doctoral fellow at Northwestern University (USA) where she spent a very productive period for writing a significant part of this dissertation.

She received her undergraduate degree (2004) in Economics from Hacettepe University (Turkey) and received the master of science degree (2007) in Economics from Akdeniz University (Turkey). While being at Akdeniz University, she worked as a Research Assistant at  Akdeniz University/Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences from October 2005 to March 2009.