Gemma Torre

Gemma Torre (born in 1988) is a freelance archivist as well as a PhD candidate in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca.

She is conducting her research on the internal management optimization of Italian archives in public local authorities. The aim of the study is to analyze the internal management of these archives in order to introduce a project management approach in such a peculiar cultural organization.

The most important purpose of her PhD research is to cover serious economic problems which local governmental archives are facing in Italy. The final goal is to introduce a control system of overheads costs in archival organizations in order to guarantee an optimized and monitored analysis of costs and proceeds over a long period of time.

Gemma has collaborated with several archives like Liguria Region, Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Costa Crociere Company and Museum of Risorgimento in Genoa.

She has written two books which focus on entrepreneurial archives:

- “Archivi d’impresa a Genova. Percorsi e materiali per un censimento”, Editoriale Documenta, Cargeghe, 2015;

- “Gli acquedotti Baratta e l’archivio della società: una fonte viva”, Tipografia Ambrosiana, La Spezia, 2015 (next release).


She is a graduate student in Archival Science from the University of Genoa with a dissertation on an archival census of historical entrepreneurial bodies.

Her research interests are: archival and librarian sciences, governmental archives, records management, public administration in Italy, project management.