Sahizer Samuk

I had my BA from Bogazici University, had two masters one on International Relations from Koc University and one from Luiss Guido Carli on European Studies. I worked for IOM Istanbul for one year on an anti-trafficking project. After having graduated from IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, with my thesis on Temporary Migration and Temporary Integration: Comparing the Cases of Canada and the UK; I worked for IOM Ankara as a project assistant from March till August of 2016. Currently working for IOM Ankara as a consultant related to the same project on supporting the development of harmonization policies in Turkey. Currently I am working as a post-doc researcher at the University of Luxembourg, in the department of Geography and Spatial Planning. I will be working here till 30th of November 2017.

Visited University of Ottawa, thanks to Prof. Patti Tamara Lenard; visited University of Sheffield, thanks to Prof. Andrew Geddes; visited University of Sussex for one year thanks to Prof.Michael Collyer... I had been a Marie Curie Fellow for one year thanks to INTEGRIM.

My aim is to be able to continue to work on migration both with policy-makers and migrants themselves, to write on integration and related topics but also on migration and literature. Please see this website I have been constructing recently:

Research Interests

Foreigners and how they perceive being a foreigner, EU-Turkey relations in terms of migration policies, Readmission Deal, Refugee Crisis, rights of migrants, all types of integration policies (specifically educational integration and labour market integration), temporary migration policies and the concept of temporary integration

Op-ed in Hurriyet Daily News

"Justice for my voters and injustice for rest" with Mine Tafolar, (2013, September 20).Hurriyet Daily News.

"Policy suggestions to solve or exacerbate gender equality problems?" with Mine Tafolar, (2013, September 9). Hurriyet Daily News.

Working Papers

Consterdine, E., & Samuk, S. (2015). Closing the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme: A Triple Loss.

Samuk, Sahizer (2015)

Sophia Hoffmann as the first author

The link between the Remittances and the Fiscal Policy in the light of Italian Emigration and Turkish Emigration (2016) available at

Literature and Feminism

Contributing as a blog-writer and literary criticism; on the webpage: