Sahizer Samuk

I had my BA from Bogazici University, had two masters one in International Relations from Koc University and one from Luiss Guido Carli on European Studies. I worked for IOM Istanbul for one year on an anti-trafficking project. In 2016, I graduated from IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, with my thesis on Temporary Migration and Temporary Integration: Comparing the Cases of Canada and the UK; during my PhD, I was fortunate to visit the University of Ottawa, thanks to Prof. Patti Tamara Lenard; visited the University of Sheffield, thanks to Prof. Andrew Geddes; visited the University of Sussex for one year thanks to Prof. Michael Collyer. I had been a Marie Curie Fellow for one year thanks to INTEGRIM from 2014 September till 2015 September. I worked for IOM Ankara as a project assistant between March and August of 2016 and later on, did consultancy on the same project about harmonisation policies of Turkey (hired by IOM Ankara).

From July 2017 till December 2018 I worked at the University of Luxembourg for a Horizon 2020 project "MOVE" and contributed to the writing of another EU-Horizon 2020 Project. From July 2020 till April 2021, I worked on the trajectories of emigration and spatial mobility of highly skilled Italians, being a member of UBIQUAL at the University of Pisa (This project was funded by Regione Toscana).

Currently, I am a post-doctoral researcher at LYNX working on the valorisation of cultural heritage in Pistoia.

Research Interests

Foreigners and how they perceive being a foreigner, EU-Turkey relations in terms of migration policies, Readmission Deal, Refugee Crisis, rights of migrants, all types of integration policies (specifically educational, and cultural integration as well as labour market integration), temporary migration policies and the concept of temporary integration. Recently I have been working also on cultural policies, valorisation of cultural heritage, literature and migration, and the spatial mobilities of the highly skilled from Italy to European and non-EU countries.


2021 with Sandra Burchi, Being a Nomad in One’s Own Home: The case of Italian Women During Covid-19. Cambio.

2021 Two other chapters have been published recently. The editor is Prof. David Cairns.

Samuk Carignani, S., Acuner, D. & Tonga Uriarte, Y. (2021). From forced migration to mobility: Dreaming of home within ‘rooted mobilities’. In: D Cairns (ed), The Palgrave Handbook of Youth Mobility. Palgrave Macmillan.

Samuk Carignani, S., Skrobanek, J., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Ardic, T., Pavlova, I., Nienaber, B., Muresan, L., Marinescu, D. E., and Vyotskaya, V. (2021). Learning in Transition: Erasmus+ as an Opportunity for Internationalization. In: D Cairns (ed), The Palgrave Handbook of Youth Mobility. Palgrave Macmillan.

July 2020 Faces Behind the Numbers: Face Forward … into my home in Greece, with Derya Acuner and Yeşim Tonga Uriarte, Cultural Policy Yearbook of Bilgi University, İletişim Yayınları

June 2020 What is Wrong with Integration Policies? Examples from the EU and Turkey from a comparative perspective. Chapter in a Book. Migration in Turkey: Policies, Reactions and Discussions. Gazi Yayınevi.

June 2020 (with Schlimbach, T., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Diaz, C., Chorne, L. D., Vysotskaya, V., Nienaber, B. Roman, M., Muresan, L., Manafi, I. & Däubler, M. (2020). Agency and Structure Revisited with Youth Responses to Gendered (Spatial) Mobilities in the EU. Border Crossing, 10(1), 61-78.

Oct 2019 Can Integration be Temporary? The (Dis)Integration of Temporary Migrant Workers in Canada and the UK (Eds.) Sophie Hinger and Reinhard Schweitzer in “The Politics of (Dis)Integration”. pp. 61-79. Imiscoe Research Series. Springer.

Jan 2019 Introduction to Special Issue: Inequalities and Youth Mobilities in Europe from Comparative Perspectives (with Emilia-Kmiotek Meier, Birte Nienaber, Volha Vysotskaya) Migration Letters (2019), 16(1), 1-14.

Jan 2019 with Herz, A., Díaz-Chorne, L., Díaz-Catalán, C., Alice, A., & Samuk, Ş. (2019). Are you mobile, too? The role played by social networks in the intention to move abroad among youth in Europe. Migration Letters, 16(1), 93-104.

Jan 2019 with Kmiotek-Meier, E., Skrobanek, J., Nienaber, B., Vysotskaya, V., Samuk, S., Ardic, T., & Horvath, K. (2018). Why is it so hard? And for whom? Obstacles to intra-European mobility. Migration Letters, 16(1), 31-44.

Nov 2018 Policy paper (with Iole Pina Fontana) Local integration policies in Lucca and Catania from a comparative perspective published in Foundation for European Progressive Studies (ed.) Agnese Lace in “Newcomer integration in Europe: Best practices and innovations since 2015”, 127-143.

Oct 2018 Samuk, Ş., & Papuççular, H. (2018). Aegean in Motion: The Reasons, Consequences, and Tragedies of Four Distinct Phases of Migration in the Aegean Sea. Journal of the Izmir Mediterranean Academy, (3), 56-74.

Aug 2018 Samuk, S. (2018) Metamorphosis of Educational Understanding in Turkey: The case of Syrians in the Journal Border Crossing, 8(2), 332-354.

Apr 2018 Consterdine, E. and Samuk, S. (2018) Temporary migration programmes: the cause or antidote for migrant worker exploitation in UK agriculture. Journal of International Migration and Integration. ISSN 1488-3473

March 2016 Working Paper with Sophia Hoffmann “Turkish Immigration Politics and Syrian Refugee Crisis” at Division Global Issues Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Dec 2015 Working Paper with Erica Consterdine (University of Sussex) “Closing the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme: A Triple Loss” (September 2015) published at the SCMR (Sussex Center for Migration Research) Publications Website.

Forthcoming Publications

2021 A post-conference proceeding from LYNX Workshop in November 2018 is also in progress. Title: Temporariness and Permanence in the Search for Home: An Immigrant’s Relationship with the Memories and Space via Literary Work

Jan 2021 A paper with Sandra Burchi submitted to SN Social Sciences, under review.

August 2021 A paper submitted to CESRAN, under review.


Jan 2015                       Technical Report written with Erica Consterdine (University of Sussex) on UK Contribution on Seasonal Work Migration Flows for TEMPER Project

Sep 2016                      López Sala, A., Molinero Gerbeau, Y., Jolivet-Guetta, M., Eremenko, T., Beauchemin, C., Samuk, S., & Consterdine, E. (2016). Seasonal Immigrant Workers and Programs In UK, France, Spain And Italy. Proyecto Temper

Sep 2018                      Editorship of the Final Public Report of MOVE project (with Birte Nienaber, Jutta Bissinger, Volha Vysotskaya, Emilia Kmiotek-Meier).

Dec 2020                      Literature Review on Emigration of Italians, Policy Suggestions and Research Gaps.

May 2021                      with Sandra Burchi, Report on Highly Skilled Italians’ Emigration and Spatial Mobility, written with Sandra Burchi (University of Pisa).

Op-ed in Hurriyet Daily News

"Justice for my voters and injustice for rest" with Mine Tafolar, (2013, September 20).Hurriyet Daily News.

"Policy suggestions to solve or exacerbate gender equality problems?" with Mine Tafolar, (2013, September 9). Hurriyet Daily News

Op-ed in Routed Magazine

From Bulgaria to Turkey, From Turkey to the USA: A family history through interethnic marriages and records. Routed Magazine:

Literature and Feminism

Contributing as a blog-writer and literary criticism; on the webpage: