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Visa Application

What is the Study Visa?
The Study Visa (Visto per Studio) is an endorsement that is added to a government passport, which permits foreign students to study at a country's qualified educational institutions. 
Who issues the Study Visa?
The Study Visa is issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate where the student is living .
What kind of Visa do I need to apply for in order to attend the PhD Program at IMT School?

You need to apply for a Study Visa - D kind, 365 days, multiple entrance.
The Campus Management and Front Office of the School (facilities@imtlucca.it) will prepare your Invitation letter addressed to the Italian Embassy/Consulate that you indicated.

What do I do in order to apply for a Study Visa - D kind, 365 days, multiple entrance?

You first need to register to UNIVERSITALY portal in order to get your credentials.

What is the procedure once I am registered to UNIVERSITALY?

Please follow the pdf guidelines.

What will happen once I have submitted the pre-enrolment application for the Study Visa?

Once you have submitted the application, the School (in particular the Phd Higher and Education Office - phd@imtlucca.it) will check it: if all information and data are correct, the School will confirm your admission to the Program you have chosen and the Italian Embassy/Consulate indicated in your application will be notified and will start evaluating your request.

Can I check the status of my application?

Yes, you can. You can log in to https://www.universitaly.it/index.php.

Once the application is approved by the School, what will I do next?

You have to get an appointment to the Italian Embassy/Consulate that you specified in the application. On the day of the appointment, you can thus complete your visa application.

Do I have to pay for the Visa expenses?

Yes, you do. You can check the cost of the visa issuing on the Farnesina website, once you filled the questionnaire at the following link: https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en