Other research related position

Other types of temporary research positions (Research Collaborators and Junior Research Project Fellowships) within the IMT School Research Units are made periodically available.

Research collaborators

Research Collaborators are selected through a comparative analysis process followed by an interview or presentation of a research paper.
Contracts are variable in term of duration and compensation. In case of “Assegno di ricerca” the minimum duration is 1 year and the annual minimum salary is €19,367 (gross salary/year).

Type of contractRequirementsDurationGross amount/year
Assegno di RicercaDegreeMin. 1 year and max. 3 years (with the option of a renewal for a maximum of 6 years)Min. € 19.367
Collaborazione a progettoDegreeVariableVariable on the basis of project funds

Junior Research Project Fellowship

This type of appointment is reserved for those students who are working towards a PhD degree, without scholarship, at an Italian university carrying out specific research within a financed project. The comparative analysis of the candidates includes an interview.
Junior Research Project Fellowship (JRPF) have the same duration of either the PhD program in which the students are enrolled or the financed project (whichever comes first). The compensation for JRFP holders is the same as established by the Italian law for standard PhD scholarships.

Research Project Grant

Candidates who apply for a Research Project Grant (RPG) must hold at least a Master’s degree or a 4-year degree. A suitable scientific background and experience in the field are required for carrying out research activities related to a specific project.
Research Project Grant may be awarded to Master’s students or PhD students within specific academic activities.
The compensation for RPG holders is less or equal to the amount established by the Italian law for standard PhD scholarships
The comparative analysis process used to appoint the candidate may include an interview.