Manuscripts of Medieval Philosophy and Their Marginali: The case of Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā)

1 Research Project Fellow position
(Deadline December 19th, 2023 13:00 )
The manuscripts of the masterpiece in philosophy by Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā, d. 1037), – the Kitab al-Shifa', Book of the Cure/Healing – contain, in the form of marginal annotations and glosses, both in Arabic and in Persian, a wealth of information on copyists, patrons, and places of production of the first attested copies of this work. Very often similar information of this kind is replicated in distinct manuscripts. The fellowship is finalized to provide a systematic comparative analysis  of this kind of insightful marginalia, taking as a starting-point the high resolution scans of Avicenna's manuscripts stored in the digital equipments of the ERC project PhiBor (see
The contract holder will be responsible for a careful analysis of the chosen manuscripts, made on current best practices and inclusive of the images of the most relevant parts of them, devoting  special attention to  the indentification of the scribes, revisors, owners, and madrasas mentioned in them. The results of the research activity are planned to be published in a specialized journal of Manuscript Studies or History of Medieval Philosophy.
Formal requirements
  • BA in History of Arabic-Islamic Philosophy or equivalent degree in Humanities;
Specific requirements
  • the contract holder should possess documented competence in history of medieval arabic-islamic philosophy, with special regard to the thought of Avicenna and its posterity, and proven capacity to analyze, contextualize, and describe a manuscript such as the one at stake in the present call. Since the most interesting part of the manuscript is the one dealing with logic, familiarity with Arabic-Islamic history of logic is required. A record of relevant publications is also required.
  • knowledge of Arabic and Persian;
  • fluency in English;
  • competence in palaeography and codicology;
  • familiarity with Avicenna's philosophy
6 mesi
Gross amount
€ 8.120,00
PRIN 2022 (codice UGOV: P0298; Codice MUR: 20225LFCMZ; CUP: D53D23014840006)

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