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Two kings and their courts in Afghanistan and Iran in the 18th century:

25 September 2023
10:30 am
San Francesco Complex - Cappella Guinigi

A Comparison of the Royal Decrees of Ahmad Durrani and Nadir Shah Afshar in Terms of Structure, Content and Ornamentation

Ahmad Shah Durrani (r: 1747-1772) was one of the powerful generals under Nader Shah Afshar (r: 1736-1747). After Nader Shah's death, he led his 12,000 troops to Kandahar and established the Durrani dynasty. Within a few years, he expanded his control from Khorasan in the west to Kashmir in the east and from the Amu Darya in the north to the Arabian Sea. While he is regarded as the founder of modern Afghanistan, he saw himself not only as the king of Khurasan or Afghanistan, but also as the king of Iran and all the territories he had conquered. As a result, he modeled Nadir's court administration.
This research aims to compare the royal decrees of Ahmad Shah Durrani and Nader Afshar, exploring the similarities and differences between the two courts in terms of issuing royal decrees. The study focuses on three key aspects of the decrees: 1. structure; 2. ornamentation; 3. content. Additionally, the research will uncover the distinctive characteristics of Ahmad Shah Durrani's decrees.


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