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School of the Italian Society of Statistical Physics (SIFS)

28 August 2023 to 7 September 2023
San Francesco Complex

We are pleased to inform you that the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca will host this year for its second edition, the school of the Italian Society of Statistical Physics (Società Italiana di Fisica Statistica, SIFS).

The school will offer intensive two-week courses with follow-up meetings. It will be structured into two long courses, four short courses and tutoring activities. The two main courses will be held by Diego Garlaschelli (Networks) and Francesco Ginelli (Active Matter). The four seminar courses will be held by Andrea Gambassi (Quantum statistical systems out of equilibrium), Enrico Maria Malatesta (Statistical mechanics of artificial neural networks), Rosario Nunzio Mantegna (Econophysics) and Paolo Politi (Non Equilibrium Phase Transitions).

The initiative represents not only a great opportunity for students from any country to deepen Statistical Physics topics, but also to study in a friendly and international context which will offer great moments of intence socialization. 

For more information about the school's organization and how to apply, visit the website or contact the organizers at

Application deadline: June 11, 2023.