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Processing and Analysis of Mars Missions Data

13 December 2013
Ex Boccherini - Piazza S. Ponziano 6 (Conference Room )
Mars, among the planets of our Solar System, is the nearest and the most similar to the Earth. Several scientific missions have been sent to Mars in the last 15 years, and others will be sent in the next years. Main objective of missions to Mars is investigate the red planet in order to understand: i) the geological and climatic evolution of the planet, ii) if Mars could have hosted forms of life in the past, and iii) if Mars could be habitable from humankind in the future. In this seminar, planet Mars will be briefly introduced; then, procedures for achieve, process and analyze remote-sensed data from NASA and ESA Mars missions will be illustrated. Challenges and open problems related to Mars missions data processing and analysis will be emphasized.
Pacifici, Andrea