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Multiscale modeling of paper – How to get from network to sheet level

19 April 2023
4:00 pm
On-line seminar

2° Seminar:

Research and innovation on materials & mechanics for paper, paperboard and paper products:

a series of seminars from worldwide experts

In many cases, it is very challenging to evaluate the mechanical behavior of fibrous materials experimentally due to the small dimensions of the specimens. Hence, to predict properly mechanical properties, network-scale models are desired to obtain homogenized material properties by considering fiber-scale mechanisms. The current study demonstrates how three-dimensional representative volume elements for fiber networks can be used within the finite element method in order to investigate the influence of micro-scale properties on the macro-scale material response. Both, current trends and open challenges will be addressed with particular focus on nonlinear material behavior.


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Jaan-Willem Simon, University of Wuppertal - Wuppertal, Germany