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A disaster is what it takes to see things clearly

28 June 2022
5:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - classroom 2

In the last two years, thanks to external factors such as the global financial upheavals given first by the Covid-19 pandemic and then by the Russian war in Ukraine, and internal factors such as the affirmation of manga and graphic novels in bookstores, the comics market is profoundly changing. This change is also affecting the authors, exasperating the critical issues that have always been present in the sector, and never properly addressed. In this context, MeFu - Mestieri del Fumetto was born: an association that aims to protect, enhance and work for the recognition of the category of comics authors. The speeches in which the talk is articulated want to tell the objectives and activities of MeFu, the situation of the market from the point of view of the authors and the challenges that await the authors in the future.

Speech 1 - All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds

Speaker: Francesco Archidiacono

Abstract: The general problems of the Italian comics market will be addressed, starting from its small size in the face of a great creative wealth. The general problems then directly affect the authors, in economic terms, in terms of institutional recognition and professional classification.

Speech 2 - What we do in the shadows

Speaker: Claudia Palescandolo

Abstract: Brief history of MeFu. How, when and why the association was born, what were the first steps and the most important subsequent ones. In-depth analysis on the main activities carried out and on the projects currently in the pipeline (and those still only hypothetical).

Speech 3 - Tomorrow comes today

Speaker: Emanuele Rosso

Abstract: An analysis of what are the challenges facing the Italian comics market in the coming years, and above all how they will affect the authors. An analysis that will necessarily and deliberately be "comics authors biased"


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Fracesco Archidiacono, Claudia Palescandolo, Emanuele Rosso