Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato

Economic Growth and Development

The main goal of the course is to introduce students to the Neoclassical growth model, the overlapping-generations model and endogenous technological change. The course will provide the basic tools required to study long run growth and provide some answers to the fundamental question of why economies grow and why some countries are much richer than others. The main topics will be the following. Stylized facts of economic growth and development. Introduction to the Solow growth model. Neoclassical growth. Overlapping generations and dynamic efficiency.


The sequence in macroeconomics will introduce students to the literature that studies the aggregate evolution of the economy both in the short and long run. A particular emphasis will be given to the role of institutions in explaining economic performance in the long run. The role of monetary policies for the short-run evolution of the economic cycle will be addressed in the last module of the sequence.

Part 1 (D. Ticchi)
-Traditional Keynesian Theories of Fluctuations
-The Lucas Imperfect-Information Model and The Lucas Critique