Davide Ticchi (Università Politecnica delle Marche)

Macroeconomics II

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. The Real Business Cycle Theory. International real business Cycles. The New Keynesian Economics. Monetary policy.


Search models. Equilibrium search and matching. Two-sided search model. Efficiency wages. Implicit contacts. Insider-outsider models. Traditional Keynesian Theories of Fluctuations. The Lucas Imperfect-Information Model and The Lucas Critique. The New Keynesian Economics. Consumption. Investment.


The sequence in macroeconomics will introduce students to the literature that studies the aggregate evolution of the economy both in the short and long run. A particular emphasis will be given to the role of institutions in explaining economic performance in the long run. The role of monetary policies for the short-run evolution of the economic cycle will be addressed in the last module of the sequence.

Part 1 (D. Ticchi)
-Traditional Keynesian Theories of Fluctuations
-The Lucas Imperfect-Information Model and The Lucas Critique