Social cognition for customer relations

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline March 5th, 2019 12:00 )

Social cognition, cognitive economics, communication, emotional engagement, neuroimaging, electrophysiology.

Participation in the research activities of the project “Neuroscience research on new models of communication and emotional engagement” related to the investigation of the decision-making process and to the design of interventions aimed at reducing emotional barriers between a provider of services and a customer. The research project will allow investigating socially interactive and immersive scenarios for the real-life investigation of interpersonal emotions.
Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to effectively carry out a specific methodological study in the neuroscientific field, aimed at exploring how we make sense of others' emotional states during social interactions and at investigating the modulating factors of our emotional experiences during social interactions.
Typical tasks include measuring managers' behavior and conducting behavioral and psychophysiological data analyses, contributing to the design of behavioral-change interventions, communicating with stakeholders inside and outside of the business in a dual research and consulting role, literature searches, and writing scientific papers and reviews.
The research projects will engage the use of brain imaging methodologies, gaze direction, EEG data analysis, and other technologies with the ultimate goal to take part in insightful research processes, both qualitative and quantitative.
In particular, research activities regard:
  • identifying human emotions from facial expressions;
  • working on behavioral research projects, with a focus on evaluating and influencing consumer behavior;
  • synthesizing and applying primary behavioral science research within a commercial context;
  • collaborating closely with insurance professionals and clients.

IMT Lucca invites applications for a Senior Research Collaborator in social and cognitive neurosciences. The candidate must have the cross-disciplinary expertise to describe the behavioral and neural correlates underlying the behavioral and neural correlates of social cognition applied to service interactions.

Formal requirements
  • A Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience would be necessary to carry out the activities;
  • Candidates must have an excellent track record of academic research, or experience in consulting, and in using eye trackers and EEG;
  • An excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English is required.
Specific requirements
  • The candidate must have a professional background to work in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary team while possessing the independence to fulfill the responsibilities of a senior consultant;
  • A combination of a Psychology degree, Ph.D. and statistical skills will be considered a plus;
  • The candidate should possess the scientific experience and confidence to apply a translational approach of applied neuroscience research to a commercial context.
Gross amount

approx 25.000€


1 year, renewable 

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Assegno di ricerca


Apply ONLINE only.
Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)
  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree and ongoing PhD (compulsory)


  • Your CV in English (compulsory)