Economy, data analytics, translational research and neuroscience

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(Deadline February 5th, 2018 12:00 )

Participation in the research activities for both Research Projects ‘"Human Resources and Intellectual Capital" and ‘"Business Performance and Management Science’" related to investigate the behavioral and neural correlates of skill formation and human resources’ management, and consumers’ response to marketing stimuli, respectively. The research projects will engage the use of brain imaging methodologies, biometrics and other technologies for investigating the factors influencing how each employee performs in the organization, or how consumer responds when presented with products and/or related stimuli. In particular, the comprehension of how information on a specific product/item is conveyed through different sensory modalities or media channels, and influences decision-making processes, represents a current challenge for neuroscientific research. Original approaches in neuroimaging studies applied to social sciences, behavior, decision-making processes should, not simply, characterize the individual (social and personological) profile, behavioral and brain functional processes, but mainly look for potential predictive (bio)markers of individual choices or social outcome.


IMT Lucca invites applications for a Research Collaborators in Economy, data analytics, translational research and neuroscience. The candidate must have the cross-disciplinary expertise to provide a multilevel translational research approach that combines behavioral and neural measures with data analytics and uses a common level of explanation to describe decision-making in managerial environments across multiple projects.

Formal requirements

A Ph.D. in translational research with a focus in data analytics and life science would be necessary to carry out the research activities.

A combination of MBA and PhD degrees will be considered a plus. Candidates must have an excellent track record of international scientific publications, preferably as first author.

Specific requirements

An excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English is required. The candidate must have the professional background to work in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary team. The candidate should possess the scientific experience and maturity to conduct research project at a Principal Investigator level. Candidates must have a holistic methodological approach and a strong theoretical understanding of the association between economics and neuroscience.


Ricerca collaborativa di nuovi modelli di profilazione cliente basati su Neuroscienze

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