Computational methods for multi-field modelling of degradation phenomena in polymeric laminates

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline October 4th, 2016 12:00 )

Nonlinear computational mechanics; Finite element method; Thermo-visco-elasticity; Reaction-diffusion systems.


Development of strong and weak forms related to the research topics outlines in the profile proposal and their implementation in the finite element method using codes for research purposes (FEAP, FreeFem++, etc.). Development of numerical techniques for time-splitting in multi-field systems. Supervision of doctoral students, in line with the strategic mission of IMT.


The IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca is searching one research collaborator in the area of computational mechanics for the development of numerical methods for analysis and simulation of the nonlinear behaviour and degradation of thermo-visco-elastic polymeric laminates.
This research is supported by the ERC Starting Grant CA2PVM and it is in line with its activities on multi-field and multi-scale computational methods to design and durability of photovoltaic modules.
The candidate must show experience in the theoretical development and numerical implementation of finite element methods able to deal with: (i) thermo-visco-elastic polymeric materials modelled with fractional calculus; (ii) delamination in composite laminates induced by environmental degradation; (iii) time-splitting techniques for multi-field problems involving the mechanical field, the thermal field, and moisture diffusion; (iv) artificial or biological systems governed by reaction-diffusion equations.
Perspective applicants should hold a Master degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, or related areas. Articles published in scientific journals, in conference proceedings, and doctoral experience confirming the requested skills are preferential requirements.

Formal requirements

Master in mathematics, engineering, physics or in related areas

Specific requirements

Strong knowledge of functional analysis, implementation of finite elements in research codes, MATLAB, use of finite element software for research purposes (FreeFem++, FEAP, or similar).



Scientific area

ICAR/08  Scienza delle Costruzioni

Gross amount

€ 25.000


1 year

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