Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline April 11th, 2018 12:00 )

Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology


Participation in the activities of the Research Project supported by Kedrion SpA related to the psychological profiling of blood and plasma donors.
The research project will engage different methodological approaches ranging from social sciences to behavioral data processing and psychometric evaluations to assess donors profiling and segmentation with the aim to favor a better recruitment policy. The opportunity to apply psychological models to the plasma donation practices might foster a deeper comprehension of the peculiarity of individual motivation towards plasma donation in the Italian population.
In particular, research activities regard:
- personological profiling of the plasma donors enrolled in the experimental protocol;
- development of ad hoc questionnaries to be implemented in online web/app format;
-  analysis of psychometric data, individual behavioral scores and personological traits.

Formal requirements

PhD Degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Economy or related fields, earned in 2014 or later.

A curriculum with a suitable scientific background for carrying out research activity

An excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken

Specific requirements

Research experience in personality trait definition and psychometric evaluation in the field of behavioral economics, decision-making processes, marketing, epidemiology

Research experience in the development of ad hoc questionnaires and behavioral modelling via online web/app devices

Gross amount

€ 19.367,00/year


1 year

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Assegno di ricerca


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