Advanced Neuroimaging (ultra high-field imaging)

1 Lecturer position
(Deadline May 31st, 2022 13:00 )

magnetic resonance imaging, ultra high-field, structural and functional brain imaging, laminar imaging


Excellent Research and Teaching Experience in the field of ultra high-field magnetic resonance imaging, in particular applied to cognitive and clinical neurosciences. Teaching experience at PhD level in national and international contexts is also required


Prospective candidates have to teach in the integrated course of “Advanced Neuroimaging (ultra high-field imaging)” (6 hours of a 34 hours course), supervise and tutor PhD students. The overall goal of the course is to introduce some of the most advanced techniques for brain data acquisition and processing using (ultra) high-field magnetic resonance imaging, even combined with other modality (such as EEG). These hours of the course aims at presenting ultra-high field MRI applied to neuroscience to improve sensitivity and specificity of brain imaging, and providing access to human mesoscopic organization, including cortical laminae and columns.

Formal requirements
  • Degree and PhD in (Bio)engineering, Psychology, Neuroscience or related topics
  • International academic and professional experience; 
  • excellent publication record; 
  • former teaching experience (PhD level) in English
Gross amount

900 €


Academic Year: 2021/2022

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Job Contract Type: 
Contratto di lavoro autonomo


Apply ONLINE only.
Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)


  • Your CV in English (compulsory)