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Haptic support for remotely Piloted Vehicles

31 October 2012
Ex Boccherini - Piazza S. Ponziano 6 (Conference Room )
The sense of tele-presence is known to be essential in vehicle tele-operation environments, where the operator is physically separated from the vehicle. Usually only visual feedback is provided, but it has been shown that extending the visual interface with haptic feedback, that is complementing the visual information through the sense of touch, provides the operator with a better perception the remote environment and its constraints. This seminar will introduce the concept of Haptic aiding for both manned and remotely piloted vehicles, will present a taxonomy of haptic aiding systems together with some recent research results with application to disturbance rejection and obstacle avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and lane keeping for road vehicles.
Pollini, Lorenzo - Università di Pisa - Pisa