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Ennio Bilancini


I am full professor of economics at IMT School of Advanced Studies in Lucca. I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of Siena, with a thesis on social economics and game theory

TEACHING: I have held courses in Behavioral Economics, Cognitive and Experimental Economics,  Game Theory, History of the Economic Theory, Industrial Organisation and  Microeconomics

RESEARCH: I have conducted research in the areas of cognitive and behavioral economics, economic theory, (evolutionary) game theory, microeconomics, social economics, subjective well-being and welfare

CURRENT SPECIAL INTEREST TOPICS: I am currently interested (and prompt to supervise students interested) in the evolution of prosociality, evolutionary selection of game equilibria, measurement of strategic skills, measurement of bounded rationality, dual process interactive decision-making, economics of social status and social norms, social determinants of subjective well-being