Paolo Papale

PhD Student in Cognitive Computational and Social Neuroscience - I° year.

Research Interests
My research concerns the development of novel methodological tools to characterize cortical computations related to mid-level vision in ecological conditions, employing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Specifically, I’m interested in neural mechanisms involved in scene segmentation, amodal completion and shape features extraction from natural images.


Education and experience

I’m member of the MoMiLab, leaded by Pietro Pietrini and Emiliano Ricciardi, since august 2015. Here I developed several technical skills concerning fMRI data preprocessing, statistical inference, machine learning and multivariate pattern analysis. I have obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture of the University of Florence, in 2014. Before being admitted to the doctoral program at IMT Lucca, I have been a PhD student in Engineering and Architecture at the University of Trieste.



Peer reviewed articles:

  • Handjaras, G., Leo, A., Cecchetti, L., Papale, P., Lenci, A., Marotta, G., Pietrini, P. & Ricciardi, E., (2017). Modality-independent encoding of individual concepts in the left parietal cortex. Neuropsychologia
  • Papale P., Chiesi L., Rampinini A.C., Pietrini P., Ricciardi E. (2016) When Neuroscience ‘Touches’ Architecture: From Hapticity to a Supramodal Functioning of the Human Brain. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 866


  • Papale P., Leo A., Cecchetti L., Handjaras G., Kay K., Pietrini P., Ricciardi E (2017) Foreground Enhancement and Background Suppression During Passive Perception of Natural Images in Human Early Visual Cortex. Biorxiv