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Davide Dal Sasso

Davide Dal Sasso is Assistant Professor (RTD-A) of Aesthetics. He has two master’s degrees, in Philosophy and Art History, and he obtained his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Torino. He is a member of Labont-Center for Ontology, SIE (Società Italiana d’Estetica), and NSAE (Nordic Society for Aesthetics).

His research focuses on three main subjects: the relationship between philosophy and contemporary arts, the essence of artistic practices, the nature of the catalogue and its relationship with the archive. The first topic is addressed by examining certain outcomes of contemporary arts in the light of some of the traditional themes of Aesthetics: beauty, experience, sensitivity; of the roles of representation and expression; of the relationship between form and structure. The study concerning artistic practices is developed by investigating the link between forms and processes and the roles that creativity, technology, and rules for artistic creation have. The investigation of the catalogue aims to show that it would be a key element for human organization and the condition of possibility for the archive. Currently, he is working on the relationship between the archive, cultural heritage, and visual culture.


Main research interests:

•    Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
•    Theories of Archive
•    Critical Theories of the Arts
•    Structuralism
•    Curatorial Studies
•    Theories of Performance
•    Creativity Studies

As an extension of his research Dal Sasso has organized workshops with artists dedicated to the study of artistic practices at Viafarini - a non-profit organization for the promotion of artistic research, Milano; IUAV University of Venice; IDA-Institute of Dance Arts, Anton Bruckner Privatüniversitat, Linz, Austria. He has written several articles on topics of aesthetics, contemporary art and philosophy of art. He is the author of the books Nel segno dell’essenziale. L’arte dopo il concettualismo (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2020) and The Ground Zero of the Arts: Rules, Processes, Forms (Brill, 2021). He co-edited with the philosopher Maurizio Ferraris (Università di Torino) and the semiologist Ugo Volli (Università di Torino) the issue of Rivista di Estetica Rethinking Philosophy, Semiotics, and the Arts with Umberto Eco (2021); with the philosopher Elisabeth Schellekens (Uppsala University) the volume Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Martin Creed (Bloomsbury, 2022).


Office Hours for PhD Students:

24 and 31 January 2024

7 and 21 February 2024

13 and 20 March 2024

23 and 24 April 2024

22 and 23 May 2024