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Cosimo Perini Brogi

I am an Assistant Professor (RTD-a) in Computer Science, currently engaged in Gabriele Costa's "Securing softWare frOm first PrincipleS" (SWOPS) project and serving as a member of the SySMA (Systems' Security Modelling and Analysis) Research Unit.

Research Areas

My specialisation centres on Mathematical Logic, with research spanning the domains of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy. Specifically, my focus areas include:

  • Proof theory and applications
  • Non-classical logics
  • Type theory and computerised mathematics
Background and Education

In Spring 2023, I obtained a post-doc position in Computer Science at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, supervised by Rocco De Nicola.

The previous year, I had a short-term "academic+industrial" experience working on formal software verification at the University of Barcelona, Spain.

I earned my PhD in Mathematics and Applications in Summer 2022 under the supervision of Sara Negri and Giuseppe Rosolini at the University of Genoa, Italy.

Before that, I achieved a Master of Arts with distinction in Logic in 2018 (under the supervision of Marco Maggesi) and a Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Philosophy in 2015 (under the advisement of Pierluigi Minari), both from the University of Florence, Italy.

Research Output

My research contributions have been published in reputable journals such as Studia LogicaJournal of Automated Reasoning, and Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics. I have also presented my work at various international conferences and workshops, including Homotopy Type Theory-Univalent Foundations (2020), Interactive Theorem Proving (2021), the International Workshop on Proof Theory and Applications (2022), and the International Summer School on Interactions of Proof Assistants and Mathematics (2023).

Beyond my research endeavours, I have actively participated in scientific outreach through contributions to Archimede and MaddMaths!, engaging with the Italian lay audience.


I am a member of The Proof Society, the Association Computability in Europe, and the EC-COST Action (CA20111) EuroProofNet.