Theoretical, numerical and experimental methods for powder compaction

1 Visiting Professor position
(Deadline June 8th, 2023 13:00 )
Researcher with experience in solid mechanics and mechanics of materials, with special focus on theoretical, numerical and experimental methods for the characterization, simulation and testing of powder compaction. 
An excellent track record of international cooperations and coordination of research projects is requested.  
Research seminars on topics related to methods for the theoretical interpretation, the numerical simulation and the experimental testing of powder compaction phenomena. Scientific cooperation with PhD students and researchers of the research unit MUSAM, in relation to the technological problem of compaction of paper sludge, a key topic for the paper industrial district of Lucca. Contribution to research and PhD education programmes at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca,  with special regard to mechanics of materials, elasto-plasticity and powder compaction theories.
The activities can be carried out in person and/or from remote.
1 month
Gross amount
5.500 €
“Campagna di prove sperimentali sul peeling di plastiche flessibili su substrati rigidi, unite con adesivi a spessore variabile” - cod. P0265
Formal requirements
  • a PhD in structural mechanics or related areas;
  • candidates must have an excellent record of high-impact international publications and a documented experience at the international level, including the coordination of research projects;
  • candidates should demonstrate experience in structural dynamics, material instabilities, material modelling, elasto-plasticity, experimental mechanics, homogenization theory;
  • excellent knowledge of both spoken and written English.
Job Research Unit: 
Job Contract Type: 
Contratto di lavoro autonomo
Full call


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