Brain reactivity to emotional and neutral sensory stimuli during human sleep

1 Research Project Grant position
(Deadline November 17th, 2022 13:00 )
The IMT School invites applications for a research fellow interested in sleep, sleep-related sensory disconnection, and affective processing. The ideal candidate has a master degree in Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, or related fields and has at least 3 years of research experience in the field of electrophysiology applied to the study of sensory and/or affective processing in humans. The candidate should have experience with collecting and analyzing event-related EEG data in wakefulness and/or sleep. Previous experience in the field of sleep research is preferred. The candidate should have a good command of tools and techniques for analyzing EEG and behavioral data, including programming languages such as MATLAB, Python, or R. Good knowledge of statistics, especially concerning the application and interpretation of methods including linear regression, ANOVA, repeated-measures ANOVA, linear mixed-effect models, and non-parametric approaches, represents a plus.

The successful candidate will collect and analyze data for a research project aimed at investigating changes in brain and autonomic activity associated with the processing of emotionally charged naturalistic stimuli during sleep. In particular, the candidate is expected to: i) perform the recruitment and screening of volunteers by administering and processing standardized questionnaires; ii) collect high-density electroencephalography (EEG), electrooculography (EOG), electromyography (EMG), and electrocardiography (ECG) recordings during the application of sensory stimulation protocols in awake and sleeping human volunteers (in distinct, day and overnight experimental sessions); iii) contribute to the preprocessing and analysis of collected data by applying event-related analysis and time-frequency decomposition and assessing sleep graphoelements such as K-complexes and spindles.

Formal requirements
  • MSc degree in Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, or related fields, obtained in Italy, or equivalent qualification obtained abroad (preferably obtained in the last six years);
  • At least three years of experience in research areas related to the topics of the present position;
  • Previous experience with the acquisition and analysis of event-related EEG recordings;
  • Good knowledge of both written and spoken English.
Specific requirements
  • Experience with the administration and analysis of questionnaires and scales;
  • Experience with the use of programming languages such as MATLAB, Python, or R for data visualization and analysis;
  • Experience with the collection and analysis of EEG data recorded during both wakefulness and sleep;
  • Experience with the analysis of physiological signals, including EOG, EMG and ECG;
  • Experience with the application and interpretation of statistical methods, including linear regression, ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA and linear mixed-effect (LME) model.
8 months, renewable 
Gross amount
€ 10.000,00
ERC Starting Grant - TweakDreams, codice P0187, CUP: D64G21000020006;
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Job Contract Type: 
Borsa a progetto - Project fellowship


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  • University degree (compulsory);
  • PhD (compulsory only if stated in the full call).


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  • Your CV (compulsory).