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Francesco Del Prato


I am a joint Ph.D. candidate in Business Economics between IMT School for Advanced Studies, in Italy, and KU Leuven, in Belgium.

I am mainly interested in structural labor economics with administrative microdata.
My research currently focuses on labor market dynamics, firms productivity, and resources misallocation and primarily uses data from the VisitINPS program, where I hold two projects.

Previously, I worked at the Italian Chamber of Deputies as the assistant of a former MP, mostly on public finance-related topics.
I received my degree in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University.

I am also a Fellow at Istituto Bruno Leoni, a libertarian think-tank based in Milan.

You can contact me either at francesco.delprato[at]imtlucca.it, or at francesco.delprato[at]kuleuven.be.