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Zainab Ali AlWaisi

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Northampton, graduating with First Class honours. My outstanding academic performance led to being recognized as the top student in the software engineering department at the College of Art and Computer Science Technology, and I ranked second overall in the college. This accomplishment earned me a scholarship to pursue my Master's Degree in Software Engineering at the same institution, where I achieved a Distinction and secured the top position in the MSc program at the College of Computer and Science Technology.

My professional journey commenced with enriching experiences as a teaching assistant and a mobile application developer for Northampton Hospital. Simultaneously, I explored freelance opportunities, engaging in the development of diverse projects, encompassing Web applications, Mobile Applications, and Windows applications. Leveraging my proficiency in programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, Java Android, C++, C#, Matlab, and C, I consistently delivered high-quality solutions.

Within the domain of database technologies, my expertise spans both relational and NoSQL databases. I have acquired substantial experience utilizing various database products like Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and Neo4j.

I have successfully completed my Ph.D., further solidifying my knowledge and expertise. Currently, I am engaged as a researcher, fostering collaboration between IMT and Oulu University. My research endeavors continue to delve into cutting-edge areas, including Cybersecurity, IoT, Smart Cities, IoE, Industrial 4.0, Smart homes, AI, TinyML, and Machine Learning. I am highly enthusiastic about exploring the frontiers of Software Engineering and Machine Learning, among other domains, and my ultimate goal is to contribute my knowledge and skills to propel advancements in these exciting and dynamic fields.