Silvia Vesco

Ecomuseums as subjects of development for the territory. Which management to rebuild a relationship with the Community?

Key words: Museums, territory, community, development, new museology, management

My work wants to explore the elements (resources, management leverage, competences, operative mechanisms) upon which a ecomuseum is founded to study and improve the operation of the organization.
On the basis general research objective here explained, this thesis wants to answer the following research questions:
Q.1 How does a ecomuseum work and which are the elements upon which it is founded?
Q.2 How can the management stimulate growth and development using/menaging:

  •  his capability to represent the unitary image of a territory/community without neglecting any element
  •  the possibility of ecomuseums benefiting from the social and economic components of its surrounding territory better than the “traditional ones”