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Rossana Mastrandrea

Rossana Mastrandrea is a Mathematician from Bari, currently Assistant Professor at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies for the AXES research unit. She got the PhD in Economics at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa working on the International Trade Network as a complex system under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Fagiolo. She was a visiting fellow at Lorenz Institute of Theoretical Physics (Leiden, the Netherlands) in the group of Prof. Garlaschelli and part of the INET project “Empirical and theoretical analysis of macroeconomics networks” for two years at Sant'Anna School. Her research activity focuses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of complex networks of different nature, mainly economic, social and biological systems. She is currently working in the fields of Health Economics, Environmental Economics, Game Theory and Behavioural Economics using technicques from Graph Theory, Statistical Physics and Agent based Modeling. She is local coordinator of the PRIN project (2023-2025) "The Role of the Public and Private Sectors in Pharmaceutical Breakthrough Innovations (3PBI)" focusing on the analysis of the  patent citations network specifcially concerning the development of mRNA Covid vaccine. She is also exploring the determinants of pro-environmental behaviour using both an evolutionary game theoretical approach and a diffusion mechanism process to understand the dynamics of human behaviour influenced by mode of cognition and peer effects.