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Rossana Mastrandrea

Rossana Mastrandrea is a Mathematician from Bari, currently an assistant professor at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, in Lucca  (NETWORKS research unit) after a 2 year period as Post-Doc Researcher in the same Institute. At IMT she works on the human functional and structural brain network, with particular attention to its modular organization. She got the PhD in Economics at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa working on the International Trade Network as a complex system under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Fagiolo. She was a visiting fellow at Lorenz Institute of Theoretical Physics (Leiden, the Netherlands) in the group of Prof. Garlaschelli and part of the INET project “Empirical and theoretical analysis of macroeconomics networks” for two years at Sant'Anna School. From march 2014 to october 2015 she joined the team of Dr. Alain Barrat at the "Centre de Physique Théorique" in Marseille as a post-doc researcher for the project on disease transmission in collaboration with the Hôpital Nord in Marseille. She studied the epidemic spreading on networks focusing on: different social groups and social ties; methods of data detection; problems of data sampling. Her main research interests are: social dynamics, complex networks, statistical physics, null models, econophysics, epidemics, brain.