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Pietro Lenarda

I am currently working at  IMT Lucca in the multiscale analysis of materials unit research (MUSAM) http://musam.imtlucca.it/. My research topics are:

  • Numerical splitting methods for simulation of coupled phenomena in multiphysics
  • Generalized thermo-diffusion
  • Fractional calculus in thermo-viscoelasticity
  • Advection-reaction-diffusion bioconvective systems in viscous fluids
  • Reaction-diffusion systems

My main fields are: Computational methods in nonlinear mechanics, Finite element method.


  • Gagliardi M. Lenarda P. Paggi M. A computational method to simulate thermo-oxidative degradation phenomena of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) used in photovoltaics. In proceedings of XXI Convegno Italiano di Meccanica Computazionale, June 26-27, 2016, Lucca, Italy.
  • Lenarda P. Paggi M. Ruiz-Baier R. Partitioned coupling of advection-diffusion-reaction systems and Brinkman flows.
  • Lenarda P. Paggi M. A geometrical multi-scale numerical method for coupled hygro-thermo-mechanical problems in photovoltaic laminates. Computational mechanics 2016; (57): 947-963.
  • Lenarda P. Paggi M. A fully implicit thermo-visco-elastic finite element formulation for thermo-rheologically complex polymers based on fractional calculus. In proceedings of XI international conference on Thermal Stresses, June 5 to 9 2016, Salerno, Italy.